How dirty is The dirty Picture?

by shalinijena

How dirtier could it get, huh?

The offbeat is always more exciting than the regular, but this fantabulous? I don’t think so..

A bold and pragmatic film standing on an exciting script, fiery dialogues and stirring music, The dirty picture is bound to hit the box office and hearts of the audience as well as critics! After 3 Idiots, this is one Bollywood film which I must say is gonna be the freaking blockbuster of 2011!

To those who have already made up their minds to not watch the sexed up with a even more vulgar name for a movie, I must say that have no qualms because no matter how much you might want to hide your faces, you’re gonna enjoy it for once and all!

So what was so great about the movie? … Where do I start from? The moment I had access to the internet, my first search was to find the awemax dialogue writer of the film. Rajat Arora – Hats off to You – Crazy, bold, mind blogging and stupendous dialogues, such that, they will make your asses shake on your seats, your palm would reflexly cover your mouth with awe and you will never know when you start lip-synching wows after wows!

Vidya Balan‘s strong, overtly character does not make the movie by any means a soft porn. Her sexual body language was an art which is unbelievably played by the versatile actress and I must tell you that in the first half of the movie, even I was shocked by her explicit onscreen sensuality. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every part of the film and missed absolutely nothing! I am quite amused while saying this, but I hated Naseeruddin Shah. I am amused because the last time I hated a villain was when I was in my sixth grade and today, I love to say that I hated the villain! They just don’t make abominable bad guys these days, but Milan Luthria gratified the audience with that too…

I am one of those Emraan Hashmi fans, not exactly from the murder days, but may be between The Train and Jannat ones. I find his expressions passionate, serious with the no nonsense tinge and with time, he has evolved into a good and yes, greatly stereotyped actor! The audience loves him, the audience loves sexy (which is not sex) but the audience denies, why? Well, watch the movie.

Tusshar Kapoor was the good guy in the film and certainly did not end up the other way round. The film tries to establish a relationship between the star struck hero and his doting brother. It makes you look at Silk like a woman of no values and simultaneously, an independent woman who knows where she stands and makes us respect her so. It tries to incur the fine line between love and hate via Emraan’s confused emotions for the dirty, bazaari female.

This is not a review, and I possibly don’t know how to give one. But I must say that the movie is a must watch, and people who think that it is a male oriented film, you really need to understand more words beyond ‘sex’ or rather sexy, because the Indian audience loves the sexy, but not the sex, including a judgmental female writing this post. I wish to gouge out the eyes of those guys who make weird and wide-eyed expressions when a girl talks about sex or rather, sexy. Haven’t met many, but some might just take it as a warning now!

So, shortly, The dirty Picture has all the three things that a film needs to be successful :
Entertainment. Entertainment. Entertainment.

Ishq Sufiana (Male Version) From The dirty Picture.