The lost days…

by shalinijena

Those days when I had two pony tails

Those nights when I slept to mama’s yells

Those days I jumped on the mattress

No one scolded me

No one thought I wasn’t matured enough..

Those days when I spoke ill of others

No one minded my words, just laughed together

Those days the loudness wasn’t a disgrace

I wasn’t told what is

My dreams heard, my tantrums accepted

I had a life, a life that meant..

Never bored and never sour,

When a smile wasn’t a show atleast

Never sulking and if so, being so forgiving,

All the people who really did mean something..

Those friends who held my hand..

Those hands to pulled me up but laughed at my back

For those laughs my tears spilled so hard

They came back to me, hug and said

It wasn’t me they were laughing at!

Those fights were so forgotten

mistakes were not a a crime back then

No one thought things shouldn’t happen

Smile and tears just came so often

There was no time to think unthinkable things..

Those days I knew who loved me and who didn’t

Those days when I was afraid, I used to cast my way

Atleast I didn’t play a game so vice, didn’t hide in my hive

Didn’t try to be wise, just did what I liked

Yes! Those days were the best days of my life!