Sunny’s The Big boss’s and the damn me’s!

by shalinijena

Big Boss is the only reality show,I watch on television and now if you wonder how bad my choice is, then I really can’t deny that! I used to defend myself telling that it was all about me and the family watching together while eating dinner, making fun of the puppets in our funny Odia language. It really did start like an engagement, but now, it is plain fun. The intelligentsia, don’t make faces, please.

When Sunny Leon entered the show and guys went gaga over her perfect fig, radiating skin and the cherubic and heavy accented hindi, I was damn impressed. She looked like a person who wanted to have fun and at the same time I was curious what might happen next. ‘Will the house of Big Boss, also change this sweet, not-so-naive girl?’ Now there  already is too much of name calling about the authenticity of the actions in that house, and I would question that too, but not in this post.

It was after two days of her stay when I learnt that she was a bisexual Canadian Pornstar. I was shocked and her ‘reality’ made me wonder if her show on the show is just to create sympathy among the viewers and earn a ‘clean image’. I rushed to the other room and broke my new discovery to my mom and her jaw dropped (I mean it). She must have  said Oh-My-God for some twenty times and that is when I asked myself, What is wrong with being a porn star?

A few minutes of chit chat plus Sunny bitching and I pulled in my covers to call the night but I couldn’t stop thinking and here I am writing this post, because I know that I am honest to myself only when I write. Don’t people watch adult films? Don’t they like it? Then how can we condemn something that we actualy enjoy. When we watch a movie, we admire their acting skills and we know that they are ‘good’ at it. When we watch talk shows on TV they talk about their passion and how much they ‘enjoy’ their work. So what makes us think that pornstars might not feel the same way. We pity them because they don’t have a dignified life or is it? Is it just the conservative Indian thinking, to pity them?

Brought up in an environment like mine where I have entire freedom to express my opinion but topics based on sex or any western bold culture, tabooed and avoided, I couldn’t stop feeling sad for myself for those raised eyebrows. Sure that the show is trying to make money with the whole thing and, I don’t know why is it unethical. I mean, come on, what is not unethical on the television these days? The “Good” girl concept and the “bad” girl generalization. In what way is that ethical at all? But no. When it comes to sexual stuff which actualy is the purest way of understanding human emotions, it becomes dishonourable, wrong, condemnable, admonished, unethical…

Obviosly people are interested to watch the show because of her arrival and it is hard to believe that she is not a nice person. It is not too hard to think beyond the social stigma and just try to understand that they might really enjoy what they do. What is it that they do exactly? They entertain the adults, not sex-freakos. How bad is that? Why should it be? I am asking these questions to myself and I understand that virtue depends on an indivisual. If I want to limit sexual courtships to my matrimony, then I do not get to judge people who think otherwise. It is not about loyalty, it is about what we think and why we think.. Right or not?