What was I thinking?

by shalinijena

Whenever am very excited or upset about something and try to narrate the entire incident, I end up confusing everyone. And why is that? Because I use too many exclamations… So, I have decided to stop using them whenever I am going through one of my aforesaid extreme moods.

This one today is called the upset-over-stupidity mood.

I had thought my day was going to be a good one because I woke up early today, 8.30 in this case but relative to going to bed at 3 am, it is still early.

Few days back Dad left for Rajasthan with his other colleagues (they have some combat training there) and are supposed to shack there for the next two months. Before leaving, he made me sit beside him and very calmly asked me to drink some water. I have known this move since ages. Whenever they know what they want to tell me that might get me mad, they unfold a new drama. Yes, by “they” I mean entire my family. By “family”, I mean parents, relatives and friends.

So, anyways, he asked me to ebb my “long distance” travelling till he is back. I was like, are you telling me I can’t go out when you are not here. To which he replied, Oh. No. You can go to college. Before I could yell back at him, he silenced me and said that he did not want mom to get worried. I was confused. My mom is pretty cool with me wandering around, its only Dad who keeps a check on me. He said that mom is a panicky person and keeps on mumbling, frowning and pacing from one hall to the other when I am late to home in the evening. I was at Bhubaneswar all my life where late in the evening was 11.30 pm and here it is 7.30 pm. And you know why? Because in Bhubaneswar Dad was not living with us, he was on a field posting and here, he never leaves my sight.

I nodded my head to whatever he said sans any intention of complying. I did not wish to quarrel a few minutes before he was leaving, because whenever that starts, it always ends badly. He asked me to take care of her, but that sounded so cheesy so I did not reply. I have lived 8 years with her without him being a shadow because he was always posted here and there, so please. But that sentence itself has too many contradictions, so I prefer to shut up about that.

It has been a week and we are doing great. I come back home, I take a nap, we for a long walk, come back and gossip, gossip and gossip.

So in the evening, I got a message in my cell phone that we have a GBM today and then it struck me, it was Saturday. GBM is the General body meeting of AIESEC where all the 50+ members get together, talk about what is going on, strategize and chill, A lot. I love attending those meets and they are so crazy fun with all the funny, stupid, few nerdy and too many awesome people that no one would want to miss it (exclamationS). But the point is- I learnt about the venue at 4.15 while it was to start at 5 and by then I had already made some other plans. Plans which could be ditched without a blink. So I chucked them (Anytime), but it took me half an hour to do that and at 4.45 I was already rushing to make a 45 min journey slack down to 15. Half way down, it struck me that I had not called mom. But I didn’t stop and then I was imagining mom getting upset because she couldn’t go for a walk or gossip on the way. What if she goes alone? Dad asked me to take care of her. But look at me. I don’t even bother to give her a call. Without thinking, I took the U turn back home. I didn’t want to and when I don’t do things I want to, I regret so much.

This time too. I did.

So finally I was home and Bhaiya opened the door. I went inside looking and when I didn’t find her, I asked him where she was and he said, Memsaab to walk ke liye chali gayi. Saamne waali memsaab ke saath. (Mam left for a walk with your neighbor)

And so, there she is having her time and I thought she needed me. Who was I kidding? She doesn’t believe in that concept. And here I am, thinking about all the fun my friends must have had at the GBM and yes, sulking too.

Lesson of the Day: 1. Never do something you don’t want to. You will end up getting your eyebrows creased.

2. My dad’s a Fox. He took advantage of me being an oversensitive fool which also means am a total idiot. What the hell

P.S – !

PPS- Despite that, I miss my daddy! I miss yelling at him and him, taunting me back and me, yelling all over again! But hey, I will save all of that for some other post.

Have a great Day and if you already did, Please Don’t Tell me About It.