by shalinijena

Where do I start from? When I am speechless, I skip the review because I consider myself so incapable to write what it was ‘about’, what was the story, who were the characters and what was the plot! What happened at the end? Was it a happy ending or enigmatic? I just think there are too many sites to help you with that.

Letters to Juliet… Sometimes I forget to love. Sometimes, I crib about it so much that I forget to remind myself how much I love. But when I watch movies like this, life comes back to me again. I start believing what I do… if I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t be here typing 60 words per minute, I wouldn’t be here, so frantic, overjoyed and throwing myself on this little piece of beautiful (and awesome) shit- my lappy. Kidding. No am not.

We are so afraid to admit love, aren’t we? People will come and go. But what is the most beautiful memory? What is that keeps a memory stored forever? What is it that makes the reminiscing more than often? Isn’t it the touch? Isn’t it the power to feel? The power to heal. A simple touch, a meaningful one, which can create something alive within, that one moment that doesn’t seem to pass and that person with who you want to spend every second you could afford. Sometimes, the feeling is not mutual, sometimes, it is. Life is about happy moments, life is about disappointments.

Sometime back, I would have questioned love and lovers. I would have wanted to ask them, why should there be one true love? Why should there be that one passionate moment, that one feeling that surpasses all the rest? Words, kept flowing when I attempted to ask my question, I couldn’t stop, but I had to, I have to…

Tonight, I feel the answer coming to me, tonight I want to love the way I want to, tonight I do not want to repent, and tonight I do not want to be so far away… Tonight is the night, when I will write my letter to Juliet, and hopefully get an answer…

See. This is what happens to me when I watch such melodrama romantic films, when I see emotions reflecting without words said, without expressions made, without any formidable melody.

Watch letters to Juliet and fall in love like me again 🙂