The Hug.

by shalinijena

Hands locked eyes closed
they make the first move
Hands losen and arms around
Second comes the engulfing mood
Feet up or heads down
what does it matter
it is the power, the warmth
of the hug that shatters
The caressing pull,
The radiating heat
That takes away all breath
The look of those eyes
The unheard chime
And the unprecedented faith
Never Ever let go of me
Thats what my eyes say
Never ever say that again
You are wherein my heart lay
That is the might of a hug
That lingers for more than a slightest touch
It cleanses all evil and wrong
like living every moment that came along
That is the moment of elation
Those arms around
protecting throughout
That is the moment when the world stops
The beating heart hopes
The bond tied stronger than that train
A wish, a move, a touch, a hug that remains
A hug, a touch, a move, a wish to feel it again.