NLDS 2011. Days gone : time lived.

by shalinijena

Where do I start from? Where was I all these days? I was at Silvasa. I was at a National conference. I was at a place where the more exclamation marks I put at the end of a sentence, the impact will still be deficient. So, I have decided not to use any in this post. What was I doing there? I was a delegate and was there to know more about AIESEC and how it works. What is AIESEC? It is a youth driven impactful experience. Now what is that, huh? Well, it is for and by the student organization that aims at global exchange (I am coming to that) by promoting and enabling internships and leadership programs. That is my understanding of AIESEC and no rotted language. Basically via these people (all around the world), students can go to internships in 110 countries (Yes. AIESEC is that huge) and work as interns in companies or NGOs according to their CVs which too is mediated by people from this organization. This is the shortest way possible for explaining what AIESEC is and what it does. There is this never-ending list which could be answered only and only if you were an AIESECer. What if you want to leave it midway? No one leaves AIESEC, once an AIESECer, is always an AIESECer.

Why can’t I stop? May be I am just too excited. It was 6 day program and there were 24 of us travelling together, we were friends who just knew the other person’s name, we were strangers who had just one thing in common; AIESEC. When I joined this organization, I was questioned by my friends, friends who had tried but could not get through, friends who were too afraid to try again, friends who were concerned that I might change and be one of them. Well, I am one of them. But I wish they could see beyond the coolness. About this ‘coolness’, well if you think some are wannabe’s then yes they might be. But if you question their ability, you really need to see beyond. If you want to think what they think, if you want to hear what they hear, if you want to feel, what they feel about AIESEC then you don’t only have to be in their shoes but also feel the pressure under the soles. If you want to raise your eyebrows and think this is just another promotional event, then yes you can, but make sure that you see, hear and feel what they do.

There is nothing called  a devoted AIESECer, every devoted person you meet here, is self-obsessed. It is all about learning. It is all about understanding, about loving life, meeting new people, thinking alike and having the best time of your life. (Exclamation markssssss. Count 100)

Can you imagine, 450 students across the country, 6 days of stay, 3 day meal every day, minimum of 5 sessions a day, people of my age or may be younger or a few years elder to me handling sessions, seminars and programs like pros? I couldn’t have. I could not, if you ask me now. But I might, may be in a year or a few months. Never respected a leader so much, never wanted to applaud for a speaker so much, never felt like staying awake all night, never felt like having the best days of my life, never felt this way before.

This NLDS, I have experienced so much that I do not know where to commence and where to culminate, so I started somewhere in the midway and am ending without an example but just rhetoric words.

The place and experience was crazy and fun. We had absolutely no sleep and the best part was that no one wanted to. If the closing plenary gets over at 1 in the night, then the party starts at 1.45. If we are sleepy in between the sessions, not because they are boring (they are absolutely NOT) but because, you are just sleep deprived to concentrate, then what do you do? You start jiving! What is that? Dance baby, Shake ya ass, shake it just like everybody does (Exclamation YES).

Not every day is a smiley day though; I have had my share of bad hair days and depressing moments. There have been times, when I felt left out and alone, when I assumed that people do not really like me, the worst times were when some of them totally misunderstood my intentions. One such example; I was pissed off because I wanted to go out to the prom with a guy but he had asked someone else, but others thought I was upset because they did not elect me as the Fictitious Local committee President :|. The weirdest part, I voted the guy who won under the first preference. Anyways… In the crowd of the smartest + youngest asses in the country, I did feel a little out of the piazza. There was lot to learn, from the sessions, from the tough times, from the trust games and skeptical looks.

True that this organization is youth driven, but then how many youth are we talking about here? 4000? Is it enough? There will be multiple answers to this, but no, I am not talking about numbers here. I just wish we had a way and hand to reach a greater youth, the youth that learns like we do, but with a better stand. I actually mean that people like me and others have the financial support of our parents, but not many have that, one very important reason to why they can’t be a part of AIESEC. I wish this organization to go beyond to what it started in 1947 and reach out to a greater figure of young minds on our planet.

One of my friends on our last general body meeting at NLDS,

“I used to think that I am the something in my college, but here, I am with people who are of my age and so much beyond the demarcation line of excellence, talent, strength and attitude. There is no other experience as NLDS.”

I could so much relate to him… Life is good. Isn’t it? There is nothing to regret. When I joined AIESEC I was just as confused, in future, I may or may not trust the organization as much as I do right  now, but that doesn’t matter, because nothing changes the feeling, elation, fervent emotion of being a part of NLDS 2011 ever… Forever 🙂