Tab is a Bang.

by shalinijena

 It was some meters away from me… a sleek black screen… the thinnest tablet I ever laid my eyes on… more like a notebook, and I knew everyone’s eyes were ON it. The fingers holding it flitted its tips on the screen like a feather settling on a marble floor and trust me, I was smitten…

It was 2 in the morning and I was working on one of my stupid projects (the project is stupid because it was mine and not assigned) when my phone rings and the second I press the call button, a friends starts screaming.

Tell me where am I calling from! Tell me Tell me!

Hmmm. Pune? I guessed.


What? You are not in Pune? I asked.

AReee! Fuck you bitch. I got a Samsung Wave. Dad bought it for me!

Wo! Congrats! So..err… hmmm.. Is- it- that- good that this talk can’t wait till the morning? Actually, am in a middle of something…? I replied.

She was silent for some time that I thought I had hurt her.

No more than a minute this crossed my mind, she started off – How- could- you- not- know- what- Samsung wave- is! How could you not understand that this is one god damn fucking phone that anyone would give their limbs off for! I mean no offence, but it is just too awesome! It has some screen size more than 3 inches and its just……

Now I wished that I had hurt her.

I don’t talk tech savvy and although I am no ignorant and know what basic functions are required to make good use of my cutie-pie (Samsung Corby– the pink one yes! 😀 ), I really don’t comprehend complex tech nomenclature. My ideas of having a phone is to sms and read them on some nice font, have a cool camera, not even a great one (because I already have a 12.1 megapixel prosumer cam in my cup board {flaunt flaunt!}, probably collecting dust, but hey it is there) and qwerty keypad (which I have). So, uncared and just ‘curious’, I typed Samsung wave S8500 on google. I was impressed by the handwriting recognition technology and hey it could register touches for more than two times, had internal memory of 2 GB… blah blah. Ok now, that was cool. But then it was just a phone…

Some months later, something called the galaxy hit the market. Who cares?, I thought. Someone told me that the screen was 7 inches. Really? Who wants to watch a movie on a phone, I convinced myself. Then one fine day, my best friend gets hold of me and says ‘Stop being a fool. Stop fooling on fb commenting shit about the smartest phone on earth and just google it bitch. Or else you will be another moron who believes that grapes are sour just because you can’t get them’. Now that was although badly trite, bit me p-r-e-t-t-y hard and so I had half-a-mind to check its configurations out once I get back home. Half-a-mind because I knew I couldn’t understand the tech-freaky stuffs. But then, that very day, I was fooling with friends at kiosk in college when I saw it. It was some meters away from me… a sleek black screen… the thinnest tablet I ever laid my eyes on… more like a notebook, and I knew everyone’s eyes were ON it. The fingers holding it flitted its tips on the screen like a feather settling on a marble floor and trust me, I was smitten.

Now, I was not admiring it because it had got some long list configurations that I do not understand. I was besotted to that thing because it was all about what I am and want to be like. About me (Don’t visit this link, it won’t be any help) – I am a mass communication student who is 24-7 on her system, writing, surfing, reading and learning. I am a writer, at least I like to be called one and I keep random notes. I have this little notepad with me wherever I go. I love reading, you will always find a novel with me, no matter I read them or not. I am a moody button presser in case of photography, but I love clicking random pictures but my Nikon L110 doesn’t come very handy then. I am a kind of surfer who reads a lot of stuff and to understand every damn core of it, could open a score of pages at one go. I have a passion for watching movies and the worst part about my notepad is that I don’t get to write what I think in a movie hall. Damn! Like what if I want to add in my review that the Amitabh Bachchan’s best friend in Aarakshan was awesome (Yes, I had to write that down :|). My newly discovered passion, designing. Proof – have a look at my blog header :). I have a bad memory and so obviously,  all the aforesaid counts why I find Samsung galaxy to be a sexy bang!

It got everything I want and most important – need. Life can be so much easier.

First, the speed – any smarty tech with a ho-hum speed is a short form of disaster. But this smart ass has both HSPA+ and Wi-Fi technology that can get us connected 24-7 to the web and I am going to tell you what I can do with his kickass feature of the tab:

I can get access to my emails by push mails, IM and RSS feeds. I can be a real busy person.

I can edit whatever I want, any time I wish to. Look, I got dozens of write ups strewed to be edited. By the time I reach home from college, I always have a whole new entry to write about and the editing is kept on pending, and the hours spent on the write-up ends up wasted. I can’t even blog it as it’s unfinished. So, I can write on my keyboard anytime at home, take the doc to college and edit them during my free hours and post them on my blog right away. No thoughts, ideas or time wasted 🙂

PowerPoint presentations! Didn’t I mention that I am a mass communication student? Ok. I need to make presentations every alternative day and it is really tiring. Many times, I got free periods and I am jobless. I wish I could get all the work done then, but where is the technology? With this tab I can complete my work (copy-paste the content) on PowerPoint, design it and be ready with my presentation with no extra time.

The details of the font are awesomely sharp. So I got an idea here. Instead of carrying a newspaper to college every day, I can subscribe to my favourite daily i.e for your info, The Hindu and read it without straining the bespectacled me. Moreover, I don’t need a notebook to jot down important points. All I have to do is copy my material and paste it on the preloaded Polaris office.

We download dozens of videos, movies and music files almost every day. Most times, it is like Hey did you hear that song by The Shins? It is so awesome! You want to hear it right then. You want it with the lyrics too. But you have to wait, because you don’t have an option. But you have a tab. So of course you do!

I will better not use what internet access I use, but it is BAD. I hung up once in every 15 minutes during my Skype conversations. This thing over here has a 1.3 MP camera at the front i.e the secondary camera. The 3.2 MP, rear facing camera has auto-focus and  an LED flash which gives an output of not only digital but excellent high resolution plus printable photos (of course it depends if you know how to. Hint – learn Photoshop) 🙂

We all are big time googlers. Aren’t we? Even the reverse technocrats like me (because the reverse of extremely GOOD is extremely BAD) know that google is a search engine, but it is not ‘just’. It is vast. This sexy tab, provides with an entire suite of google services, some of them, you might not have even heard of.

With the latest Android technology, Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) you get to do effective multi-tasking. The android market provides with wide variety of apps (Check that out here). But then what is so special about honeycomb? I will come to that in some time. 😉

That was about what I can do its splendid speed, but there is lot more than this baby…

When it comes to writing on a touchscreen, you need to learn what Swype does. Instead of hitting each letter individually (which can be a hassle sometimes, no?), you can swipe your finger across the virtual keyboard without lifting it from your screen. Swype can even allow you to type up to 50 words a minute! The software uses unique algorithms and a word-matching search engine and database to detect words in your finger’s path. It can not only be used on cell phones, but on tablets and PCs as well.  Courtesy : click here to know. So typing is no more a pain in the finger tips. 🙂

And yes, they have stereo speakers. Like ask me! I personally do not like it when people hear music on mono in their phones. I love music and so prefer dual speakers. Therefore even if I don’t have earphones right then, I have in built speakers! HA-HA (the demon style :p )

So what is new about the honeycomb? It can import photos directly from the camera and into the tablet. It is great ok. Like I take pictures all the time using my friend’s extremely handy (one of the) Nikon Coolpix. So, now I don’t have to swap memory cards with her each time and wait for another day for her to return mine and for me to get the pictures into my system.  I can do it sans ado, anywhere, anytime.

To sum it all- wait I can’t really sum it. But anyways, in short, with a galaxy tab 750 on hand, sorry, palm,which is- “cool” suits me, “smart” defines me, “sexy” is BEING me and “intelligent”- loves me, life can be so much easier for a multi-tasker like me, who sleeps late at night, sometimes, losing my might, falling back in the work I want to do right and fun? You don’t skip that, because there is no tomorrow until a long night!


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