My first Day at AIESEC

by shalinijena

The pronunciation is more important than the full form. It is not aisac. It is AYE(eye)-SSEC. Stress on the E.

This week I got a call from this place called aforesaid (:p AIESEC) informing me that I was selected during the recruitments and was a part of them now. I felt good. Mostly because I had no expectations, approval and rejection were both welcome, may be not with a happy, smiling face, but at least no hurt feelings. But before you draw assumptions on why is this girl so serious and boring about joining an organization, I should mention that I was rejected the first time and trust me, if you have faced even some tiny failure in your life like as dumb as screwing up a presentation, it hurts. I don’t think I really want to talk why I wasn’t selected then and what went right this time; I would rather like to believe that I was lucky.

By the time I reach the venue, I was all weird (not uncomfy) to see all others. What was in my mind? I don’t know. I was not exactly happy. I wanted to figure out what was so special about the place, why were people so excited. I have been to great places in past only to discover that there are unintelligible people everywhere. But that is not the point. The point is- I was confused. From the time I was waiting outside the edifice till evening when we were out of the session room, I was confounded by my own will. But it was in the terrace, the last stage of the entire programme that the cells in my head ceased jarring and everything seemed so clear- it was all right in front of me. I have never wanted to be a part of ANYTHING as much as I want to be a really good AIESECer now.

These people are crazy, everything that I am and if you were my friend you would believe that first impressions do not last forever. In that ‘class’room I felt exactly like I did on my first day at Loyola. Alone and aloof, talking to none, everyone so outspoken, it was so good to hear them talk. Man! They are like so expressive! I am not telling that the session changed my life forever. Even though I was with one of the most awesome people around me, I was not overcome by some fervent emotion. It was a good feeling and I don’t think I need to explain anyone, anything.

I am really bad at introducing myself. Like, I don’t know how people do that when they know no one around. The weird part is I don’t even think that it is anyway important. I just look. I look so much that sometimes I am afraid what people might perceive about me. I have some great friends and the best thing about me is – I make good friends! It just happens :). There were so many kinds of people around, some were smart, some bubbly, some blabby, some quiet, some sharp, some expressive, some confused and I didn’t feel like talking at all. I usually don’t when I am new to a social milieu. But anyways, I wasn’t very attentive in the seminar too, one reason because they were talking about some stuff with long sentences. Worth understanding but stuff to remember too and alas, but my memory sucks.

Are you like wondering what AIESEC is all about? There are only two ways to your answer- ask your AIESECer friends or go and join them. See, I just joined, so I will prefer not promoting; let me be what I am ‘now’ for some more time. These people do crazy stuff and trust me it is not at all stupid. Don’t ask me what, if you want to, follow one of the two ways that I aforesaid. They do things differently and it’s one hell of a freaking culture out there. I am not saying I am impressed, it is just a good feeling. In fact, know what impressed me the most? Not the smart asses or all the comfy butts. The organization and the attitude- so much to learn… Afraid? Yes… what if I don’t make good friends? What if they don’t like me? I am not like them, I like to be shy sometimes, though I do not doubt my confidence.

So many emotions! Never planned to post this random-est write up ever… It is just that this is too long and I am afraid I might want to edit it later. Fresh and good, I – FEEL – SOOOOOO – GOOD! (Never mind that 😉 )

P.S – I really hope none of my AIESECer friends read this post :/