Again Anna? Please :|

by shalinijena

The dude is working on some great stuff, isn’t he? He is some hero it seems. Even reporters for TV channels have forgotten everything in the wake of our Anna Hazare’s fight to get rid of corruption.

Hazare hum hazaaro ke liye. We are in millions.

Corruption ek chewing gum hai, Anna hazare humara “Singham” hai : ) What? Anything to rhyme huh?

The other day, a friend pulls me aside to discuss something “really important”.

She (a common friend) wants to start a group that supports Anna Hazare. Let us join the group and ask people to come with us too.

I asked where?

She mumbled something for a while and said In support of Anna. I drew my hand out from hers and shifted to her shoulders instead and said, I do not support him. If  you still want me around I can help, but don’t get me that shit please. Oh yes. Read the Jan Lokpal Bill please.

(If you are reading this friend, you know I meant no offence, just a style of enigmatic intro :p)

Please give me a good reason why the government should accept that bill. It is more like my dad’s credit card bill whenever they mistake him to be some rich dude in a limousine. Haha! You should have seen his expression :D. But hey, it’s not about my dad who seems to support our Hazare for hazaaron, it is really about the bill. This ridiculous thing from Team Anna openly talks about Gandhian policy and at the same time declines it tenaciously by refusing the decentralization of power. Just tell me how it makes sense when a single power stands to police every member of the parliament from the PM, MPs, judiciary, all bureaucrats and that too under different sectors giving unparalleled power, literally, the power to do ANYTHING in a “democracy”. Do you really want to live in a democracy with two oligarchies? What makes you think that the ‘carefully selected people’ will be just and bound to the principles of annihilating anti-corruption? Leave all that! Here is a food for thought. Who is Anna? The man who created the Ralegan Siddhi? A village community which has had no Gram Panchayat or any election for the past 25 years…

You really call this a revolution, something that will change the face of the country and consider that it is no less than the second freedom struggle of India, don’t you. Ah. And I thought we were doing something noble here. It won’t come as a surprise if this “freedom struggle” ends up in a civil war as dirty and fatal as in America or Afghanistan, this time much more at stake.

Why am I babbling all this? Yes, I admit that I am babbling, but even fools got their reasons right? Listen to mine.

You think corruption will end if this bill is passed. Ok, ditch that it will end. You think it is the first step even? Well… if you remember apart from the rally and mindless slogans echoing the streets right now, there are few other issues in the country that have lost the limelight but still prevail. Ten thousand villagers in Koodankulam are on a relay hunger fast protesting against the nuclear power plant, Policemen and mining mafias have kept the people of Jagatsinghpur, Kalinganagar or Niyamgiri at their gun point, people displaced during the Narmada Valley issue, still sufferers of the Bhopal Gas tragedy… You know all these were wrong don’t you? No. I am not asking you to staff your flags up for them, either way you won’t care. I am not asking you to care, I am not questioning you of your loyalty for the 74 year old man who is fasting under the best conditions available, under the supervision of the best doctors of the country or who has proclaimed the war for the second struggle for freedom in the country. I am just asking you to recollect that people who were responsible for aggravating the sufferings of the farmers and poor people in different parts of the nation are the same ones who are actually funding this whole campaign. What makes you think that them, who have destroyed lives of thousands will want to end corruption and kill their business? Don’t tell me India is one from Kashmir to Kanyakumari now. I am sick of it.

I am a mass communication student (and have mentioned this so many times in my blog that I myself have lost the count) and I can understand what the threatening power of the corporate owned media is doing by trying to manipulate the public vision and imagination. These people who are backed by the many power and money holders are clobbering the theme made on the malevolent government and evil politicians and have actually kept themselves safely vaulted from the scrutiny of the Lokpal Bill. There are people who are here to tell me – He is fasting there. You are not. So shut up. But please, wish you would have said the same thing when Irom Sharmila did that for a decade for a region (North East) which has been by and large ignored. My dear friends, this is not just about the fasting and the ‘pain’ Anna Hazare is going through. He has my sympathy and respect for trying to admit a change in this country. But there are greater issues playing ball behind this. Please widen your views.

Look. Too much serious talk… Watch good movies, know when your exams are and study well please, instead of being a fool, yelling sans reason on streets. If you really understand what is happening and still support, then go on. For others- continue your “fight”. I can understand that you don’t have a good movie collection as mine, so you are getting bored. I left watching news on TV a long time back, so I don’t have a problem and wish you a stampede-less fight against Anti-corruption! 😀

P.S – Oops I just read something! If you are a true Indian, then support Hazare! I am afraid I will be deported to some place with a weird name now! (No offence, my bad that I did not know about Qatar till M.F. Hussein was chucked out)

P.P.S – No hate mails please. Just never visit my site (and miss all good stuff :p) – would be fair enough 😉

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