The lion and the four brahmins

by shalinijena

Four men were travelling in the woods, four men with identities different. One was the maestero of connections, second – the man of formation, third was an isle of intellect and the fourth- a man with none like the aforesaid but a head of foolish mansion.

They walked and walked, until they crossed a land of bushes and shrubs, trees so big and huge hovering over the skies so bright and blue. They spotted something orange-ish brown that they did not understand and walked along glue, but then they came closer and so did they construe. It was a lion and had a body that no axe or clay could hew. Not that they needed to. I was just trying to rhyme stuff up. No digression, just the story now.

So these, three out of the four intelligentsias decided to provide life to this poor body with no soul. The foolish one was reluctant. He screamed and wept saying that if the lion wakes up, then he will kill them all. When none of them heeded him, the fool climbed up a tree and hid behind the bushes, watching all the proceedings very intently. But the three pundits adjudging him as a fool who had no wits and knowledge left him there and went on to showcase their talents. The first one brought all the bones together and united them and the second one formed muscles around its body and provided him with skin and blood. Proud and exhilarated they waited for the final step, where their wish would be fulfilled and knowledge tested. The third one drew a deep breath and started chanting mantras. In a few hours, the dead lion came to life.

The majestic Leo stood a few feet away from them, looking at their happy faces and realized how hungry it was. He scanned all of them and probably must be wondering that who could be this foolish to stand in front of him and that too without fear. He pounced on them, quick and with adroit, giving none of them a chance to speak, explain or run. The foolish man sat atop watching it all happen and escaped when the lion was finally full and happy with no memories of his past, just another great life.

Mom was reciting me this story on our way back home from a walk yesterday evening. As she was mid-way, I realized that I had read it in one of my Fat, hard covered Children’s books. I do not remember the moral though. It couldn’t be that animals are always animals. And also I think that it wouldn’t be like Do not interfere in others business. May be the moral was that Knowledge is good but common sense is imperative on the ‘run for life’. May be or may be not.

But finding out the moral is not the point. While talking about all of this, my mom said that those days when she was reading such stories, she wondered if all of these were just articulated stories or there was some truth behind them (I still love to believe in the Cinderella fairy tale). And now, after so many years, she thinks that she was always right. They were just not stories. Today, we can bring a dead man out of his death bed. Those days they changed into avatars for a change and now, we can make changes to our faces and modify our body structure as we want, we can make clone babies and what more, we can alter genders! In Mahabharata Ravana was abducting Sita on his flying carriage, and now we have Helicopters for doing that. That is another thing that, a good plan and good resources can make it easier on roads. But anyways, whatever those people have given us, they were no stories meant for our entertainment, there is some hidden truth, meaning and forecast that we do not realize, just like the Tale of Ballards in Harry potter and the deathly hallows.

That’s all. If you could read my then you know why I wrote this post and if you couldn’t hope you enjoined the story (Even if you have read it before 😛 )

Have a nice day today 😀