How diesel talked Petrol to leave. Read here.

by shalinijena

Diesel–  ♪ ♫Somewhere in the roads I went for a race. They asked me who you are, don’t they know the winning belt.. na nana na naa nan ♫ ♪

Petrol – hey! Hey you. What are you singing?

Diesel – My song || when I win the race ||…

Petrol – You can’t. Don’t you know who you fighting with girl?

Diesel– Oh yea. I know am fighting with an old man who is too lazy to walk the roads without getting his asses bugged.

Petrol– Mind your tongue fella!

Diesel – what did I say……..!


Hey old guy. Do you watch how I met your mother?

Petrol (grumpily, imagine Stu of family Guy talking) – yes I do. What about it?

Diesel – Do you like Barney Stinson?

Petrol – he is my favourite! (smiles cheekily) I was a great womanizer in my times. Hmm. They all drove me, without me, men had no luck with them! (Checks diesel’s raised brow and says) and I still am!

Diesel– Ah. About the later one… No comments. And moreover, only if there was an alternative then, they could have spent more than half the money they spent on you in buying some nice gifts and may be in a nice house in the suburbs. The former?  Hmm. Do you remember Barney’s say on the new building of the Golaith national bank? Do you, old guy?

Petrol– Hmm.. Ye – hmm – Yes… He said that… (Excited on recollection) New- is always- better. Yes. New is always better. (He grins and clicks his fingers for getting diesel’s question` right)

Diesel– (with a smirk and a mock) Exactly. (like Eg-xactly) (And grins wider)

Petrol – Nothing can compare to the smoothness of my engine!

Diesel – You got spark plugs dude. So please. (Uncared)

Petrol– Young fella. I don’t like that tone. (Stern and demanding) Do you know I am directly proportional to the accelerator pedal? So no matter whatever the speed is, I run with the car. You are such a jetlag. A shame on the beauty of the sleek!

Diesel – You are such a waste. The speeder, the rapider you lose yourself. I got more turning power, so they can take it easy up the hill. Moreover, All I need is a common rail diesel engine and a turbo and I am as smooth and efficient as you are. In fact better!

Petrol – When it comes to power rating –

Diesel – When it comes to power rating! I eat lesser than you, I burn more than you and I cost freaking down than you! Hey oldy, I am designed last longer, so please.

Petrol – Ok. You got thermal efficiency, but my engines costs lesser! If broken down, they go to spend less money on my thing than yours. What say about that?

(For a moment they stare at each other. With a cold and piteous look on her face, diesel opens her mouth and closes it shut and finally, with a bored voice says…)

Diesel– When they get me at the price of you, then why do they need you at all?

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P.P.S- The humour was possible because of the facts obtained from this site.