Have you met Tutu?

by shalinijena

Have you seen a white dog?
Her name is Tutu
Have you heard barking a lot
A nagger with no virtue
You think this is some Ode
With no sense or follow up words?

Then you obviously have to meet her
To believe paw is mightier than the sword.
She thrashes like a baby
She is a month old bitch
She convulses like a clown
She doesn’t know what is right and wrong!
She confuses like a woman
But then why can’t a bitch be one?
She walks like a wench of streets
But her look makes all dogs retreat
Do you wonder why I defend the white dog
A brainless spoilt and tail so short
A look so obvious
And teeth so small

Well, you see – she jumps like a rat
But loves like a cat
 She leaps like a jaguar
And she is so fat!
She promises promise
She promises not to let one shoe live
Or sit so wise
No matter how much you smooth her reeve

You want to hold her close?
Do not try
You want to cuddle her torso?
Try it and don’t yell when cry

She hops like a rabbit
But moves like a lady
A mystery – but she smells like autumn
Forever so neat and tidy

But that doesn’t make her a good bitch
Because she scratches with those paws and feet
She howls when we hold her back
Is never one bit afraid when the room goes black
I wonder what her mother ate before she was born
Because she is always up before the dawn

(When I wrote the word ‘dawn’)..
It reminds me of her mop and mown
When we eat all the biscuits and snack
And give her none
When she jumps on our laps
 And we grouch on her just for fun
And we bawl out on the poor thing when she bites
But then grabbing her tail is some sight!
But she doesn’t know that grabbing that tail of hers
Is just another stupid pun!

(When I wrote the word ‘sight’)..
It reminds of her tiny face
And that sleepy chase
Those fluttering eyes
Like she was weeks awake

Lightly I touch her with my tips
And she draws in both her limbs
Breathing softly with her belly moving up and down
I cradle her in my arms to and fro and yes she frowns 🙂
I kiss her cheek and she curls up to find my skin

Sneha 🙂

Forgetting the day’s odyssey with her
I lose myself and nuzzle her chin
She doesn’t wake up under my touch
And I do the move once again to make her lurch
Uncaringly she sleeps her heart out
Blocking everything but dreams so bout

It was time to leave
So I settled her gently on her sheets
She moved a fraction but still did sleep
I kissed her one last time before retreat…

If you have seen this white dog named Tutu
With snow furs, pink skin, sharp nails and soft paws
Then hand her over to me please…
(Still waiting for her release)

P.S – She is my friend’s bitch. You wonder why I said ‘release’? Well… because I don’t want to think that My Tutu is happy with that bitch (her mom) :p