The mistake day ‘mistaken’

by shalinijena

Before you start reading this post, I would like to mention what Indesign (Adobe) is – It is designing software where layouts for magazines and newspapers are made digitally. Also, packaging means – keeping all the content used in the design like pictures, font and other links in a folder.

Never keep any work for the morning. If you have something to complete then try to get over it right when you started. And yes. Always learn from your mistakes. It is so damn important that if you were right here at my place, I mean right now, then you would understand what sucks the most about me.

I forget to learn from my mistakes.

And it’s the most negation statement ever that I am going write about me in this blog.

And yes. I am not babbling all out of blue and these are definitely not advices for you guys. Its exclusively for me! I need to open my blog, keep this post under the category of my “favorite posts” so that whenever I lose my mind and stability and tend to repeat the same mistakes that I have already done before, by being frivolous about my work and take things light, I would have someone/thing to dawn some sense into me. I open my blog everyday obviously. So yes, when I do that, I want to make sure that I see this post and the big letters, which might be the very road of my loser-ness someday.

Me and my friend who is very much into animals are working on a booklet on nature. We named it “My Exposure- Creepies, Crawlies and Camera”. That is out of the context actually. You see. I was working on this thing last night when a friend called. We started gossiping but I simultaneously continued with my work but then I got bored, I don’t know of what and dropped the last stage where the packing of the Indesign file was done and exported it to a pdf format. So I was back on my bed – but not-sleeping instead with my phone. Even though I was awake early in the morning and all set to package the entire thing, but since there was a lot of time, so I did it all slow, taking my time and the lappy’s, in fact torturing my poor VIAO by fiddling with CS3 Indesign so many times that the screen displayed not-responding for the next one hour again and again.

So, Mistake No. 1- I delayed my work to morning.

Mistake No. 2- Delayed my work while working!

So, I travelled 5 Kms to Lalbazaar were my friend and his Dad were waiting. I gave his dad the pen drive (which I thought had the file) and we were at college in 15 minutes. Oh yes. Must mention- I made them wait for a real long time because I was too lazy to start early!

Mistake No. 3- did not check the content of the pen drive before handing over.

Mistake No. 4- Despite knowing that someone was waiting for me I had no sense of responsibility.

At college his dad called and told him that the file was not opening. It showed 0 bytes and I had given him the Indesign file but not the links packaged with it. This was the second time uncle was visiting the printers and I had failed him again. But yeah, he asked my friend what was wrong, this idiot started explicating him some nonsensical stuff which had words like open format, link, files and Indesign, which absolutely made no sense. Since uncle was not aware of such terms he agreed on his blabbering and handed the phone over to the professional graphic designer. This is when my friend’s bogus bulb fused and he panicked because the man on the other side started making talking technical sense which this idiot did not understand. So, he immediately asked him to hold and placed the call on me. When I talked to him I realized what was wrong. I had sent him the over-written file. So, my friend asked me to go back home and send the file to his dad. I told him that it was a 50 Mb file! He asked me to try. I was reluctant. But he was convincing and so was my lecturer. And I took off.

Mistake no. 5- I should have at least bothered to tell his father that it was my entire fault but I didn’t.

Mistake no. 6- I was behaving like a loser. Not a student of mass communication- always ready to take up tasks.

I was home and logged into and uploaded the file. It said 3hours and 20 min to go. But that was what the computer was telling. I had half an hour with me till I ride off to college again. So, I left it right there, rather than waiting if there were any errors coming up and asked my dad to look after it. I was college and my Sneha comes running to me asking me to drop Charisma at Lal Bazaar and I yell at her that I can’t because and she backs off to ask me why. Because I am fucked up right now, yes, I was that grossed up and did hurt her for no reason. The same friend with who I am working on the booklet happily tells me that he had caught a chameleon, and I mock at him. In short, the day’s flowchart was a disaster and by then I had already knew that.

Mistake no. 7- I did not give my cent percent in getting my work done.

Mistake no. 8- I did not even bother to ask Sneha what so urgent.

Well, there was nothing really to worry about. She is worry-dome for no reason :p

Mistake no. 9- My friend had been so supportive and yet I ignored to laugh with him when he was so happy and excited.

The last two hours were Business English and we had an oral presentation for which I was not prepared. So when I was asked to present, I talked about the worse day in Loyola. I said everything, from my carelessness to all the mistakes I did. It was pretty flawless and I know that was because I was not talking about something which was written and rote. I felt a little better and was happier when my friend agreed to come to my place take the external hard disk with all the Indesign and pdf files.

Mistake no. 10- I had been home, I had the hard disk. I took it to college and yet could not think of copying the files when I could have and avoided triple work

Do you think this is some My top ten mistakes of the day list? Well, here you are –

Mistake NO. 11 – He came home. Asked for water – I forgot. Completed the work including clicking some good pictures of the chameleon in the porch – I did not invite him inside.

Never felt more guilty and bad and sad and irritated and confused and pissed off with self. May be I have, but am sure this one is the first for this year K

But nothing bad ends bad, does it? So, I realized that this was not entirely true. May be I was just hyper ventilating. In fact I called up my friend and said sorry, he started fooling around, I was bored and so was he and I forgot why I had called. :p

At the end of the day, I realized why I had been feeling so bad which I used to be so uncared about in the past. It is because of the people around me. They are so good and happy-go-lucky people that you can never feel sad when they around, or ugly when you look fat, or uncomfortable when they are unhappy or regrettable when it is your fault. I am with the best people in this world. And yes. I learnt my similar-to-bad-hair day lesson and hope to be a better person for the rest of the year and make this my last slip. NO. Slips are good. But yes, I hope this is my last repeated slip.

But then “The greatest mistake you can make in life is to continually fear you will make one.” – Elbert Hubbard.

So, as my Mom says – Its ok 🙂

P.S – For the pictures of the beautiful chameleon. Click here.