Another NIght In mumbai

by shalinijena

A mass communication student I am and after three hours, the next most rattling news of the year dawned over me. At 9.45 in the evening I received a message from a friend that said- My heart and soul to the lives of the deceased and those who are preparing for their cremation.. May their soul rest in peace and pray that the injured recover steadily…

First I thought he was talking about 26/11 but then about a dozen messages downed my cell phone. Some said ‘Happy Birthday Kasab. I think the Indian government was planning a surprise. But hey. Your friends are quick!’

The next moment I was off my laptop (I have no idea why I did not think of internet) and tuned into some news channel. The last time there was an attack on Mumbai I was so distressed that I broke down in-front of a dear friend. He loves people and no one other than him could understand me. He knew that more than the people who lost their lives, I was grieving for them who saw them die, and them, who are going to live with the loss for the rest of their lives. He told me beautiful things. I remember them now – No matter what they say, no matter how they do, no matter words are less, true and life is new. But I believe in the days to come. Live with no fear. Because You are not alone…

Apart from the fact that it was not Kasab’s birthday which google says is on 13th sept. But I hope by then that I would have forgotten this date as he would no more be alive to remind me the same. Why in the hell is he alive? Anyways,

I read this post in one of my friend’s blog and could not control my want to share it with them who read my blog. SO click here for the same.

When he saw his website on my gmail status, this was his reaction- :p

Satwik: WTF
 me: !?
Satwik: tera status
 me: haan to?
Satwik: :-/
 me: would like my frnds to read it
  kya be
Satwik: :-/
  abe mere dost mind nahi karenge mere bakwas
  ajnabi se kyun gali khila rahi hai?
 me: doosre posts nahi dekhenge to gaali bhi nahi khayega
P.S. – For my mass comm mates. Do the words IIT and Golden Quadrilateral Project and whistle-blowers used in Akhileswari mam’s class ring any bells? Well, the answer is Satyendra Kumar Dubey. And you will find more answers in the link I have mentioned. 
P.P.S- Couldn’t help but only stare at the front page of Hindu this morning :