J Dey – another victim of demented Power Hounds

by shalinijena

It was disturbing, shocking and a bolt from the blue when the news of the assassination of senior journalist, Jyotirmoy Dey rattled the entire media this Saturday. Reporting is a risky business. It does not only involve the risk of getting hurt in the process, but reporters become the victims of torture, sheer blackmail and death. In the contemporary world where people are living under gun points, the world where life is worthless and survival is more important than living itself. These barbarians in the wild, their power rules both wealth and breath.

And in all this process of criticism, ordinary people like me are prone to live with dejected fear no matter how efficient our door lock is or how obedient a dog we have (puns not intended). Whenever we read the headlines of violence and death, there is just one circle which laps our mind, that… It could have been me. But there are people amongst us who do not live their lives to live but to do. The job of crime journalists makes them the soft targets of the entire known plight because they are the ones who expose the mafia. Not only that. They are blackmailed, families are tortured, evidences are burned and if they deny into breaking the journalist’s rule – of betrayal, they are pulled under the gunpoint of power and money. The motto of the existing scenario goes like this, they die, others shout, they buried, now please get out.

Being a student of Mass Communication and Journalism, the death of a 50 year old senior crime reporter like Mr Dey was a setback and a bloody black eyed coming about in the history of Journalism. It is the worst that could happen to young aspirants who are so keen and enthused about dispelling fear from the minds of common people by exposing the underworld and crime perpetrators. The Maharashtra government is trying to make attacks on journalists a non-bailable offence and with the ageless poorliness of law enforcement in Mumbai, I don’t think justice is coming up any sooner.

Mr Dey was murdered in the broad daylight, at Hiranandini gardens, a really plush locality in the Mumbai suburb area, by four unidentified men who are alleged professionals as they shot him from the left side in a point blank range, nine times and by the time he reached hospital, J Dey was declared dead. I mean come on, before I jump to the usual blabbering where I blame the entire damn Indian system and judiciary that does not provide decent protection to journalists who expose crime, I must ask like everyone else that where the hell was the Powai Police. As a posh area as it is, there are supposed to four beat marshals and five police patrol vehicles. Its outrageous..  

So, why was he shot? Well, No idea. They say its because he was writing articles on the oil smuggling rackets and so the oil mafia might have been involved. His extensive reporting on Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan had undoubtedly made him a lot of enemies in the past, but this is totally horrific! If those condemnable crooks who have pulled the trigger and those behind, who have controlled the pull are not caught any sooner, then the entire country is going to question the fundamental rights comprised in the institution. I was so deeply hurt when I read about the whole issue, and this case is absolutely no less disconcerting and unjust than the death of Jessica Lal, Arushi Talwar or Rizwanur (My another post on the Rizwanur case).

Politics, Government, Laws, acts, judiciary and now journalism, have all now become vertically integrated firms of business organizations and so I must say that the country has to agree that- solving this case is strictly business.

 May His Soul Rest In Peace. Amen.