Because without you..

by shalinijena

Please don’t ask me why so mushy mushy… Because If you do, I am gonna say bas ainvayi 😛

I never knew

Cos no one ever told

That my life is yours

You’re my shining glow

Don’t walk away

I know you care

Please come this way

This heart so astray

The words might fail

They do because

They do not know

What to say

This life may not be yours

But the blunder is done

A part of it you took

Now doesn’t know how to betray

The promise to wait for you

Doesn’t seem so right

Because by almighty’s might

M still so young with trivial plight

But you’ll always stay

There were the promise takes

Cos it still waits with such chaste

To fool the world

For you to come…

The heart that was silent, now says

Without you.. life is such a waste..