To real beauty.. I say ..

by shalinijena

Did you just say Real Beauty? Now that can be a coincidence because an hour later I will be dispatching an article to the editor of a magazine based on the topic ‘Fake life’. Seems that Indiblogger can read my thoughts too… Well, this thought is a pretty huge one and so is the prize in return. Isn’t it? Reading a few posts waiting on my Indimail box, I couldn’t help but wonder that hey! You guys are so freaking awesome! (To many of them who have beautiful articles on the topic and I promise that they are getting DUE respect in my blog post once this contest is over 🙂 )

So if we are talking about Real beauty here, then I’ll start with my favourite topic – ME.

I think I am beautiful. And I think that is the most beautiful feeling in the world. What people call self-confidence, dignity and assurance, I anticipate it as real beauty. When I walk through the crowd admiring all the best things striking around me and I admire those people in the mob that have made it happen, I think they are capable, fantabulous, enduring and beautiful…

What exactly is fake beauty by the way? Can clouds be fake, can the thunder lie or can forests be less lush? Now here is an argument. Is the lesser green fake? Are the buildings touching the skyline lying about the success of its creators? Or are the resources unreal? Car is fake but iron and steel are real right? So I think you know what I am talking about. I say that everything is real and beautiful in this world. If the nature is veridical and so are its creatures and resources then nothing in this world can ever be fake.

To make a lot more sense let us make an analogy. What if this is all a dream? This reality is God’s dream and we are the characters in the play. One fine day, he wakes from his slumber and everything goes whoosh! Just like that.. So is it real? Our life and all the things we call beautiful?

Yes I took this when the board said 'Photography not allowed' :p

When my mother fights with me all day long just so that later in life, I never get lost amidst the bustling, crazily competent crowd – that is beautiful… When my Dad coerces me to run 5 Kms everyday and play billiards, badminton or go swimming, so that nobody ever dares to give me the You- don’t- know-this look – that is beautiful. People with who I have spent red letter days of my life but have lost them in the occult lifecycle of nature where memories of them are still afresh in the left hemisphere of my psyche- that is beautiful. When my friends make birthday cards for me with a stupid smiley that doesn’t say we love you but bitch! You are awesome! – Now that is beautiful. When I look at the Veiled Rebecca in the Salarjung museum and wonder if God himself created G.B. Benzoni to make it happen!- Yes… I think that is definitely what you call beautiful!

My life is as complex as me and as simple as my life itself. Perception is all that matters right? But you know what.. People who fake themselves to earn a few grands dispelling philosophies that hardly mean anything to them at all is something that is not beautiful even though real. I love my life so much that everything about it makes me the happiest person in me and when I say it I mean it. If you ask me to prove you, then just go through my blog. You will know how awesome my life is. And also I love to watch the augmenting number in my site stats 😀 .

Coming back to where I started so that I do not end this all abruptly I will repeat that I am beautiful because I am naughty but loving, a bitch but caring, rude but extremely sensitive and confused yet expressive. And being obsessed about me and my life is the most beautiful reality I can ever share with you and anyone! I have been doing this for past few months and will continue as long as I can, contest or no contest 😉 I am HERE.

P.S – To all the contestants, Lots of luck! And don’t just wait for the Indiblogger results. You are gonna rock my LIST too! 😀