My TOP favorite Art works-1

by shalinijena

I am a huge fan of good work! Let it be writing, photography, painting or Ikebana! I love people who have the patience, passion and skill to make anything look so beautiful that we are forced to realize that its real and someone has done it.

I have been waiting to post this particular post for a really long time, but  I did not want to give the creators of the following art a random reference. They have done  the work so awesomely that it was a dire obligation to make it proper.

So here I am with my first art mention by Goutham Dikshith-

This one’s by one of my besties! who is freaking intelligent that I sometimes wonder how he manages to heed all the shit and frustru I pour on him! Anyways apart from the fact that he is lovable, and I simply ADORE his work, this particular pic just blew the hell out of my mind! I find this pic so sensual, gratifying and beautiful and I am sure that this has become one his exquisite pics and one of mine favorite too!

The second one is by a college friend from animation department, Kevin Algor Crasta

The moment I had my eyes on = this work of his I was captivated. I couldn’t believe that it was real. Just look at how the clouds have opened up bursting all the remaining light into the surface and the way they touch the waves. wow! I dont talk art as much but I have an obsession for nature’s signature on the skies in the form of clouds!! This definitely deserves mine and others special attention!

My third mention goes to Piyush Puty’s God’s fury unleashed…and captured !!

 Now one of the prime reasons why I love this pic so much is that I have never had any success with capturing Lightning! When I saw this pic I was stunned. It looks like someone has smashed a tube light on the surface of sky.No. Lots of tubelights! And about the photographer, he was the assistant director in Wake Up Sid. Am sure that rings bells in most of you and those who are confused, do watch it cos its still one of my many favorites!

My fourth forth is of one of the most finest photographers of wildlife Photography who also hails from my native Orissa!

Long time back, one of my friends mailed me this site and since then this was in my desktop until a few months back when the aforementioned pics came into light. The caption of this pic was : Early morning on Republic Day @ Morjim Beach. It was perched on the sand when it got mobbed by 8-9 other kites for something that it was holding and just launched in my direction. Nevertheless I love his work and here is the link to his widlife photography in Orissa, a land rich of innumerable flora and fauna and also in other states like Goa, where he presently resides 🙂

The fifth and the final Pic that totally deserves this mention is of Paromita Deb Areng’s Reflection of the Taj Mahal..

Long time back I saw a friend of mine commenting on this pic and I was smitten 😀 Her pics are incredible and I totally love them and expect more to post on my blog sooner or later !

This was my first ever mention of my favorite art works by some of my favorite photographers! And I hope you like them too. Also no criticisms (If you have any) will displayed in the post. You want to give you expert comments? Please visit their facebook page and let them know. I am sure they will appreciate.

I hope I come up with more posts like this. Strange.. But I am feeling so good about this! 😀 Have fun 😉