Him and you when he wants you and you know that you want it too

by shalinijena

You know he is close to you
You know he wants you too
You feel him looking at you
And see him smiling when you do
You think its funny when he smirks that way
And there he simpers when you shy away
You know he is so close to you
And all you got to do is
Leave the codes
And break the rules
Before he feels off your face
But something pulls you inside
Doesn’t let things go right
Pushing your mind into a dirty fight
You finally decide to take it light

A few struggling moments go
And all times with him clouds your sight
You fight to know what is right
And end up in a fearsome plight

The step you are about to take
Might not last for – ever’s sake
But this time as you close your eyes
And take the deep breath
You know what you have to do
Get your jaws up and head lined too
Pick the phone
And place the call
Afraid not to lose this again
You just say it all…