Movie-ing old times..

by shalinijena

Do you know how much it hurts when you don’t get to do things when love them so much! Yes. I am talking about blogging.  😐 Last day I wrote a post, a really big one about all those movies which have joined my fav list in the last few weeks. I remember saving them in my draft, and the next time I pop into my account, check the dashboard and its gone. I had never felt so frustru!

So here I am talking about them all over again

1. Agora (2009) – A Spanish film, but don’t worry you wont need subtitles because the dialogues  are English. It dates back to some 4th century in ancient Greece and is filmed on the life of Hypatia, a female astronomer, mathematician

and philosopher. It is based on her radical views and how the society tattled against her.

It is undoubtedly a classic cinema and if you have seen social network, then the character Divya Narendra is another protagonist in the movie.

2. Amadeus (1984) – Yet another classic cinema in my list and more are coming..

 Even for those who do not like  classics, here is an awesome  treat for all music lovers. This  film is in the form of narration  of life, rise, fall and posthumous  rise of Mozart by Antonio  Salieri, the greatest composers  of all times and space when it  comes to music.

3. The prestige () – I love Hugh Jackman and is this news? Name a girl who hasn’t fallen in love with him :p

Christopher Nolan is one of my favorite Directors! and each day respect him even more and more. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Anyways.. this movie is about two magicians. One magician’s wife died, other magician’s trick becomes undecipherable for the first one and that changes everything…. The quest for the truth and fervent need to prove oneself makes the whole difference. An awesome watch and worth your time!

4. Faltu (2011) – Faltu is not faltu at all! Not the best one ofcourse, but since the most recent one, and definitely a good one-time watch, especially after tragedies like sucker punch, game and dum maro dum, this was fun.

 If you have seen band baja  barat, then you can  comprehend what I mean when  I say You wont get bored! Yea..  for people who love comedy  and think movie-ing is  supposed to be exclusively fun, this is a good treat and for those who take films very seriously (like me) please dont worry, your still gonna enjoy this..

5. Hachiko(2009) – A Dog’s Story : Before telling how much I love this movie I should better mention that I cried like a  like a stupid mollycoddle! I love Richard Gere anyways since Pretty woman days and I love him more and more!

 But I dont love him because of  him, I love him because of  Hachi! oh hachiiii

Look everyone I know and may  be you over there who has seen  it must have cried their hearts  out as I did. The dog waiting for  its owner to show up in the  same railway station where he  had left his master and dies right there waiting for him.. this is a true story.. and believe me- your gonna love this one.

6. Lassie (2005) – It too is a dog’s story. The only difference the Hachiko was a Japanese breed and Lassie is a Collie.

A beautiful magnificent Collie who was taken away from his master because The Duke of Rudling’s granddaughter fell in love with it. But each time they tried to keep her in an open cage, she took to her heels and across the wired fences everytime her master’s school bell rang. They always dragged her back to her new home. But then they take her to scottish highlands. The movie is about Lassie’s 500 miles journey back home.

The movie has a happy ending which suits me well enough :p Not the best movie, but worth a watch 🙂

P.S- If you think thrillers are missing then you sorry to disappoint you, but hollywood thrillers scare me :p You didn’t ask bollywood right? If you did. Please dont (thrillers I mean. Watch Game. you will know what I am talking about :|)