I am… <3

by shalinijena

I am innocent

I am sweet.

I am a dweller of your body

I am a lover’s bode

Every mother’s soul

I break, I heal

I do not die till you do

I do not listen but know

I do not speak but answer

I do not stop but falter

I do not hide but shy

I am your soul that overpowers your mind

I am that role that controls your life

If you do not recognize me

Then tell me who cries when your eyes don’t

Tell me. Who smiles when your lips fail?

Who answers to your vilest plight?

Who forgives your dirty mind?

If I still confound you

Then take this last chance

And contemplate on the curse you make when anguish fills

Desperation, enlightenment and happiness tolls

I am that selfishly generous little bosom

I am your mysteriously rendering vulnerable heart.