My toast to the Finale and the WIN

by shalinijena

The unravelling, enchanting and the most stirring nail biting tail clash of all times! The anxiety, the excitement, the blood throbbing in the veins, pushing in and out, in and out, and all the classified burning feelings that made whatsoever sense in the end, because we WON!

They* won. :p

Been correcting it since yesterday. 🙂

I am no cricket maniac, but is this the speciality of the game? I have no idea what half of the terms mean, absolutely no eye to figure out what datasheets were exactly trying to state. All I could comprehend was the referee talking with his hands, boys diving, sweating and scoring and me cheering- loud, at the very threshold level of my vocal chord’s capability. 😀

When Sehwag lost it in the first over, my face looked like a puppy. And when Sachin lost it, I was already into depression. I remember texting and facebooking my grief and no one replying because obviously, they were more worried than I am and also had a lot more idea of how things could catch up next. But most importantly, being obedient cricket viewers since they knew what a bat was, they had a lot more faith in the Indian cricket team than I have. Cricket worshippers usually have a lot of problem with seldom viewers like me. But come on, let me be happy! 🙂

After the 28th over I guess, my blood flux was steady once again. There was not only hope but fair possibilities of taking the game in their hands. My eyes, not for a moment (not even ads), left the middle red bar that read ‘103 runs. 101 balls’. Like many others, I was freaking out, never sure, never calculating. Just watching.

Gambhir’s steady control over the match makes him a Hero, but as Dhoni said, it could have been better if he had managed a100. A century in the world cup :). Virat, being out of the game was not very dejecting, even though he is really cute {;)} because it was Dhoni who was walking in. The one thing that I enjoyed the most beside them playing, was the commentary, could make out Gavaskar and Ganguly’s voice. Watching people cheering, celebrities standing throughout the game and waving our flag was a sport too. To add the cherry, the excellent gossips by the commentators. I have loved Dhoni for a long time, even when I had no interest in cricket (because my best friend was in love with him 😉 ) and I love him more now. And so freaking proud that he is an Indian. The captain :). The last SIX with 10 balls left was a huge GO INDIA. Then there was screaming, hands pulled over mouth disbelieving, Indian flag soaring higher than ever, every man’s bellowing tongue ending with that one syllable AAAAAA! (INDIA!!)

I could not stand up still, just imagining that it was the World Cup we were talking about. The cliché that I was pissed off with, was forming words in my mouth. ‘We got 1983 back!’

Very big CONGRATULATIONS to all my fellow Indians, who am sure are proud and insanely happy as I am. 🙂

P.S- I think Srilanka played really well and I am always a little disappointed whenever the other team loses (Doesn’t matter if it is India or not).They too must have had expectations and prayers for their players. But then it is a game. Being the second best is not any man’s land. Moreover Jayawardene with his century was awesome. But as Kumar Sanagakkara said, the better one won. So here we are.

TO THE BEST MATCH EVER! CHEERS!!! And yes. For Šachin !