My adorable Jeje :)

by shalinijena

I am busy. Very busy and occupied these days. But what? Who is not? (hey that rhymed) Even if, all I am doing is watching a movie, listening to labon ko or banging my keys tap tap tap, because I don’t want the person on other side to see ‘shalini is typing’ for more a few seconds, I say am busy. So this is when Jeje enters. Wait. He doesn’t exactly enter. He takes one step in my field of visibility, peers through the curtain, I glance at him for less than a second, but enough to see him smile. His cute cute cute smile. And he asks. Studying? How can someone not look at someone so cute! Well I didn’t. Instead, my eyes locked to whatever, I say.


I am busy.

With the same smile on his face, he turns back and walks out. No questions. No sadness. No nothing. Just his smile. And this is when I stop typing, watching or writing or whatever and look up at the open door which is now ajar. I sit like that for the next 2 minutes, feeling off the contempt for myself and go back. To my life.

And this has been the routine every single day since My grandparents came to hyderabad a month back. I dont have time. To be precise I dont have time for them. Grandmother has to be an extreme discussion, but right now, all I can tell you is that she is not interested in gossip either. But my Jeje.. He loves to talk. You must watch my old man when there are guests around. Even if he can hardly speak Hindi, he wont stop trying to form the right words. And trust me he does. Haan mein karta. You understood na? So what big deal. :p

Back in bhubanaswar, he used to come visit us from village and departed in a week. And that entire week, you won’t find me anywhere else, other than our favourite spot. The hall. The corner of the hall to be more precise. He told me mythological stories. Funny anecdotes of my father and his siblings. He talked about his life as a sarpanch and rules that were forgotten now. I listened and understood. I could sit for hours hearing him talk. Just interrupted him at times when he used rhetoric Oriya which went over my head. For example, nishaap.What? You were against Pishaap! He throws back his head in a hooting laugh and says. I said Nishaap. It means anyay. Injustice.Ok I got that. And forgot as well. But didn’t matter. He was and is the most patient man I wil ever know or meet. It is surprising that when I was a little kid, people cuddled and hovering over the little me asked, “Who is your favorite!” I said, papa. Then? I said. Mama. Then? I said Didi. Then? I said. X. Then Y. Then Z…N (where X>Y>Z>N and they belong to whoever I was happy with. That day* :p) But never did I say jeje. But all I wanted after I was home, was to see him eat, smile, walk (he has a funny way of winging his hands over his shoulders when he walks) and talk.

This afternoon, after my college, I came home and there was no power. I took my tray to my room walking past his. The moment I reached my study, he was peering through the curtain again. I laughed, poked him a little and made him sit on the chair next to my table. And.. we started talking.. Like two old friends. Bonding after ages. No complains. No worries. Only memories. We were so much into gossip that I forgot I was done with lunch and kept on fiddling with the plate digging up for more rice. Then Dad arrived and Mom called out Jeje for lunch. He suddenly stood up and I started laughing. He gave a half puzzled and that half everlasting amused expression. I asked him to go on and smirked at my Mom, who too looked puzzled but nevertheless did not care.

Well, it goes like that My old man can compromise with anything in this world other than food. So, I was talking to him about college, when my mom called and as soon as she said ‘lunch’, he was already in his feet. He is always hungry. In his first week at hyderabad, I took him to a cinema. 7 khoon maaf. It was Lolmax. Not the movie. My Jeje! All he did in the entire 3 hours was to eat chips that I passed him occasionally, peeping through the faint light to show his face, so that I give him more and when all the snacks was done with, I had to wait for next five minutes and he was snoozing beside me. :p He is adorable!

And trust me, just few minutes back, he was looking through my curtain again, watching me- type. And I said I am busy. This time- glancing up. Taking in his beautiful smile. Made a funny face and said. Very busy :p He smiled a little wider than usual and glided off. I tipped my head back to the screen, typed the last para and was ready with my post.

My adorable Jeje. 🙂