Another ‘tel me’ story..

by shalinijena

Him- Ok. I will leave now
She- so soon?
Him- yes (wink)

She- ??

Him- Date..

She- WHT!?

HIm- what?

She- As in?

Him- I am going out

She- with?

He- She

HIm- Name?

He- She

She- I know your not gay

He- really?

She- You are?

He- dissappointed?

She- obviously

He- Why?

She- pity for your ‘she’

He- Oh. Dont worry about that

She- She loves you?

He- I dont know

She- ask her

He- afraid.. (whispers)

She- You love her? (goes back to her papers)

He- I think so

She- confused?

He- no (leans infront of her)

She- Then?

He- She is confused

She- ask her (goes back to work)

He- what?

She- If she loves you

He- told na. Scared.

She- Doesnt suit you

He- sorry. can’t help.

She- Your getting late? Go.

He- She is not ready yet.

She- How do you know?

He- Obviously

She- she told?

He- no

She- (stares at him) Just leave

He- can’t

She- ?

He- I have a date

She- So. go na

He- Ask her

She- what?

He- she loves me?

She- Thats your job


She- – and I know you are scared. wtf. Just ask away. If she says no. Then dont bother. If yes. Bingo!

He- She loves me?

She- Who!?

He- you

She- 2 seconds pass. Bingo