AN apathetic INDIAN says… INDIA WON!!

by shalinijena

I have my exam tomorrow. My finals. And I have  repeated this statement over thousand times today. A hundred times to ‘real’ people, another two hundred in my mind and the rest again to myself, but this time infront of the mirror.

So I started my morrow with notes in one palm and Guava Juice* in the other. But somehow, the juice was more interesting than the notes and moreover I was hooked to a song** – which did not require more palms and just my study table.

Ok. All the crap words are playing scrables in my head and I am not making sense because something awesome happened just now and I want to wait – for -it till I outpour my fervour down here.

If you already guessing that it has something to do with How I met your Mother and Barney (TO HIMYM viewers ONLY), then I will say

Ofcourse not.

Not entirely  NO  though.

So, after drinking the guava juice which took me an hour (count in the music please), I thought I needed some break and started watching The King’s speech. The movie was good, but the bed was better. And I dozed off. (But that doesn’t mean I did not like the movie. Come on. It won the oscars. I cannot let my readers feel dummy of me. You got me?***)

But NO. Wait. It was already evening and I had not read two proper words since. So, I switched on my laptop to get few materials from google. And then I saw the yellow file on my desktop looking longingly at me. Below it, was written – ‘How I met your mother- Season 5’. SHit! And the next moment I was tuned into the 16th-24th episode (- means ‘to’ yes I saw all 9 episodes in one go :D). By the way I have this weird desire to blog about every single moment I spend with my 5 Best Friends!****

But it was at around 21 30 hours that I got a text from one of my besties to watch the most awesomest match ever. LOL. why? WEll.. Me and match? I asked him to get lost. No worries. He doesn’t mind. But that actually solved my curiosity of why most people had that idle sign idled in facebook.

15 minutes later, Dad was dragging me into the living room and trust me. He exactly said these words.

You can’t miss the most awesomest match ever!

I was more amused than pissed, because He is not a cricket guy you see. Trust me. I guess he was just a bit too jobless and had had 5 glasses of whiskey down his thoat. But never mind. I was watching something- that I realized 5 minutes later- and that it was something- TRULY AWESOMEST!

13 RUNS AND 24 BALLS! 11 RUNS AND 23 BALLS.. 10 RUNS AND 22 BALLS. 9…. 8 RUNS AND 20 BALLS.. 8 RUNS AND 19, 18, 17.. (forgot) balls. 4 RUNS AND 14 BALLS


my message box was already full

Fuck them

I knew!


india wins


Yea. I gave exactly this indifferent  attitude and stalked off. Dont you just feel like hitting me. :p

Anyways, I was back into my room, slighted the door ajar and picked up my cell. The next moment – I was texting.

Congo BRO!

Congo to Uncle!


Hey! India!!

Phew! we got it


So. here I am sharing a crazy, few minute moment with you all and congratulations! We are into SEmi finals! 30 minutes back, this could have made no sense to me, But then 30 minutes back, it wasnt the win either. So, I get a chance to Cheer and tell out loud.


PS.- * I was talking about the REAL (like tropicana and cola) Juice. Not the literal ‘real’.

**The song I am hooked to… as in right now ALSO –> Two is better than one- Boys like girls.

***In case some of u didn’t get it. I did not really love The King’s Speech. I don’t think, I ever will get the oscars. But God help me. I dont want them, if that asks me to make a movie like that.

****PRESS ON THE LINK PLEASE! (In case you didn’t scroll up. The 5 best friends I was talking about are ________ :D) preSS!

******- I know there are no five stars aforesaid. But that means. I gotta start –> Studying 😐