Wish Life was a dream

by shalinijena

I was in the top of a building. The skyline was coloured with rainbow, looked like it was wishing me a very happy holi. Only me? Yes. Only me. No one was there. I was probably in heaven (sigh).

I hear some noise and there was my Mom asking me to check my stuff before I go to college tomorrow. I mumble in sleep and go back to slumber. But there was no skyline, rainbow or terrace. I was not alone either. I was in a train. There were two unrecognizably blur people sitting infront of me. On my right, was my best friend and to my left- I hadn’t discovered that yet. My bestie was feeling dizzy, so asked me to offer my arm. And as I did someone pulled me closer. Not closer enough to touch, but then I looked- to my left. And there he was. My first crush. Not the Std- II one. No more details. But there he was, my first ever love! He looked much the same, but with his ruffled up hair, a little cuter. I was shocked and yet I was not. Or let me rephrase it as – I was not shocked in my dream, but I am now, while recollecting it.

His palms left my skin and he said that he had a nice time. It somehow made sense to me and I nodded and smiled into his eyes. His gaze lingered on my lips and said that he wanted to tell something.

I wanted to tell you that this day was the most special of my life..

In my real world, I could have done more than that smile I gave in the dream. May be spoken a 100 or less words in one go, to this particular statement. But I guess, the dreamer-me is just too lame or too dizzy to speak another word because-

He takes my hand, slightly upturns his, over min and slides his fingers in between and stares down at our heterogeneous fist. I was looking up at him though and then our eyes meet.

I can’t believe this is happening to me.
I ask- why?
He smiles
I ask again- what? (thank God it’s a dream. So lame! :|)
Because I think I am falling for you.
Me! Me ! really?? Me!! My insides were in fire. Churning, blending with cold, reaching up to my face, where I was sure he could see my blush.
I ask- what do you mean?
He looks down again- to my lips, and bends… closer..
And the phone rings.

I wake up on the spur of the moment, rush to take the call, and God knows what I had been thinking then. And then I hear a friend of mine babbling some shit- asking- if my ex had a science stream in his +2. I give her the answer which took two seconds and slammed the phone with a thud, glided slowly to my bed, curled up against my pillow and two layers of soft bedsheet and closed my eyes- for that dream which did not come back, but lingered in every part of my part of body until I finally got up and decided to write.

And here I am. Sharing my beautifully trespassed (:|) morning with you guys.
Have a great day 🙂

PS- its still lingering! Shit. I want it back!