I do not go back to look..

by shalinijena

When Dad got posted, it was not a very happy journey from Bhubenaswar to Hyderabad. There- I had friends, relatives, people I know, people I do not know but who know me. There I was a face that they saw and told ‘Hey I know her’. Here, I had nothing. The unfamiliarity of their language doubled the weirdness.

But I wasn’t thinking about this when I came down here. I was thinking about the new beginning, leaving everything behind only to come uphill and then go back someday and relish all the captured memories I have had there..

So, why am I thinking about all this now?

Because after I settled, after I made new friends, after the phone calls fell from 3 calls a day to few smses of ‘miss you’ a week, I realized that some things can never change. Those memories do not need to be refreshed while trespassing my old school, or looking at the corridor where I had spent 10 most beautiful years of my life. To go out into the streets and know that this was home. Seemed like, I was walking in my terrace.. I felt it now. Now, when I woke up and saw my friend’s miss call. I called her back and we talked. Correction. My best friend had called. I had never forgotten..  just hadn’t thought of it for a long time.

I had not forgotten the minto-days or the Sanskrit classes. She used to be a traitor. Gossiped and heeded to every single word the old man said and I just – gossiped. 😐 She topped in her exams squalling a week before that she had prepared nothing and I did merry making the whole year, only to make a long face after the papers. I never told her, but I gloated each time I scored more marks than her in maths :D- The only subject that did not mind my conviviality.

Know the best thing about her (eventually leading to answer the worst thing about me). She never complained because – she never cared. If I tell her that I don’t want her to be my friend, she will silently go away, just to come back half an hour later and ask ‘What’s wrong you nautanki’. She would score the highest and her face would be as impassive as ever. She would help anyone and everyone with notes, studies and was every other person’s wild card before exams. I don’t remember asking her to do things in time. She was like my Mom. She knew my mood, was much too familiar with my expressions and just loved me for what I was. Read about me :p

I did not need bhubaneswar to make me think back on the cycle – days and the dozen falls and crashes, every exam ending with a note that I had screwed them and friends teasing that you are to pandit. Screw. them. Lol. We were stupid. But, then if we really were, then don’t I just love being stupid? This is for all those friends with who I have spent some, more or most times there. Or those who I do not sms or call. Or those, who I am not able to meet in my hometown sojourns. To everyone, who were once and still, are the beautiful things that have happened to this funny little life of mine. Love you all. 🙂 I miss you..

P.S.- Since this is on internet. NO smses for another week. I know you guys love me too.  :p

P.P.S- Sheersa! call me!