8th march, 2011

by shalinijena

We are a group of four at college. I think they will be my best friends over time, because when together, we are just so awesome! But in 8 months, this was the first time we girls found a ‘woman’ in each of us. A soft growing, unbreakable strength, struggling about something unsaid, every single day… Some time back, I actually wished if I was a boy. No nightout worries and stuff.. but now I feel contempt for myself for ever contemplating that. I am so proud to be a girl. A woman..

At this age of 18 there are many things that run amuck like a half boiled egg in our grey matter. Here and there, here and there. Don’t know much about womanhood, but at this age, many of us have the same curiosity, anxiety, excitement and eagerness to know more. Friends help us more than parents do (am a strong believer of home sex education!). Me and this, another friend of mine love reading novels and so tend to read a lot of romance, as we don’t watch blue films. We were kind of explicating and elucidating our ‘knowledge’ to our other two uneducated friends today :-p. Our topic that started from doubts and further doubts led to exclamation remarks to some answers (You can’t be serious! yuck!) while lolling at the others (I will sue him if he does that! :p) and then we suddenly became serious and some of the unsaid-surly incidents of our lives bubbled out.

We talked about cousins, who love us like sisters but ogle at our growth. ‘Boy’ friends (like friends who are boys) trying to brush their skins on us, pretending it to be ‘friendly’. We talked about Uncles who caught us by more than an arm when a mosquito flew past us. Ah so caring.  And old men, who in the form of blessings rake our body, like examining dimensions.

They think we do not understand their X ray stares, dirty looks and skanky touch. But hey men, we have something called the sixth sense, ever since we noticed that you are something different from us. We may not get, when you become hounds from humans, but we do know, even when you look at our backs and check us out. Do you know now why we prefer walking behind you? When we retort back, you say we are reacting, and when we ignore, you take it as an approval. Men and women are different and they are supposed to be. But aren’t women certainly more humans than majority of men? And I am proud to be one of them (Hey that rhymes :D)

I do not understand a lot and I am not in a hurry to. But I do want to share this with girls of my age. Never ever let your dignity fall off your shoulders. You don’t have to be what they think you should be. Girls- curious, smart, modern are in search of puppy love at this age and Guys think they are cool. Men will tell how beautiful you are. Take pride in it. But, if their language comes down to the level of your private parts and how he reacts to them, then let him know, how much you despised that. Trust me. It is not sweet when you’re uncomfortable. It doesn’t make you uncool to say ‘no’. It demands the respect that you deserve.

So after all the ranting, I wish a very happy and Proud women’s Day to every Woman, to every man who respects women, to men, who someday will learn to value women and my best-est wishes to those men, who have always looked down at women, because I pity them the most.

Wish you a good day

Shalini 🙂