Rizwanur and justice- how far are they?

by shalinijena

 3 and a half years back, Sept 22, 2007

Priyanka and Rizwanur

Mom- saw the paper today?

Me- ofcourse- not (the-look) :p

Mom- go check

Me- now?

Mom- (the-look) 😐

 Another life gone. Another story. Aah, outlook cover of the week. Thank you, but not interested.

 Today. March 1, 2010

What that did not make sense to me three years back, has now become a major issue playing ten-pin bowling inside my head.

Rizwanur Rahman and Priyanka had secretly got married on aug 18,2007. When Riz’s family learnt about this, they asked him to bring their daughter-in-law home, who was then living with her parents. She eloped, but like any Bollywood story, her father ordered her home and being an influential man of the power seeking circle, he successfully had her back.

A few weeks later Rizwanur’s body was found on the railway tracks of Dumdum area in Kolkata, to the highest degree of possibility because he had dared to love and marry a Hindu business tycoon’s daughter, Priyanka Todi..

The CBI says it is a suicide case. Now why would he suicide? Because, his wife’s parents would not let her talk to him? For the record, the post-mortem report says that he was given nasty blow at the back of his head. Two years later, a railway government official known to be the sole witness to the crime was found dead near a railway track. Tips for murderers. Kill on the railway tracks. It seems that the modus operandi somehow gets over with the case on a suicidal note.

Are we fools? You tell something, give verdict on something else, and then do not bother to show us proofs that make that sham charge sheet. He was a Goddamn young 3 decade old computer operator who was ready to even convert his religion for his wife. Or in precise words, her family’s sake. He had filed a petition in police station to provide legal protection to their marriage, as it was an inter caste wedlock issue. When the police itself is feeding on dirty corruption and wears uniforms of injustice, who do we go to?

Democracy is not a joke and its citizens are not duped, propagandized fools. If we could punish murderers of Jessica Lal and Nitish Katara  after 11 and 8 years respectively. Then Ruchika’s case that has been fighting for 20 years, Binayak Sen, who has been charged with false treason and consequent life imprisonment, Arushi, whose murderer is still on loose and now Rizwanur Rahman,  will not go unheard. Their call for justice is posthumous and we hear it because we are sensitive Indians, who dream of a fair and a promising country. But the question is. This time- how long?

P.S – to learn about the complete case. Visit this.