The Temple Unfit..

by shalinijena

27th feb.- My family planned this morrow, to visit a famous replica of Jagannath temple in Jubilee hills (hyd). Not my favourite place you see. I am a crib-baby. I complain about almost everything, but the good part is- am not stubborn. I was told that it was pretty far and we had to reach by 7pm to attend aarti. Both were fine with me, because Far means more music (I love my Dad’s car’s system) and 7pm means awesome lighting in the temple i.e. time-pass photography  😀


But neither of it happened because we travelled in an Army jeep. The lighting there was no doubt fantabulous, but the huge board saying ‘No photography’ was just a bit- too visible you see..

everyone was clicking so… CLICK for larger image..

I was pissed off. My face was long and throat tight with anger. I scolded my jeje (grandfather) when he commenced his lecture about ‘dhairya’ and almost every minute, threw a dirty look at mom and dad. Ok before I talk about the nub of the post, let me tell you that the place is beautiful. Worth a visit and perhaps, many more…

My dad is a little short tempered man you see. Actually little would be an understatement and people who know me can understand where I got my genes from. But anyways, he was standing on the other side of the temple and asked me to click a pic, to which I grudgingly said that we were ‘not allowed’. And right the next moment I saw a beautiful deity carving and photoed it. He crunched his nose with his hand in irritation (looks awesomely cute when he does that) and said something rude (which is awesomely irritating :|). My all too bad mood became worse and that is when mom asked me:

(smiling) What are you asking God?

(I snapped) God take away his vocal chords.


Dad heard it. And a pang of instantaneous guilt caught me. He just said,

God give her some brains.

Immediately mom prodded her finger on my arm and grumbled at me saying that talking about such things in God’s place is not only insensitive but utterly foolish. Speaking such things anywhere is stupid, I thought.

But you know what I said,

God won’t listen to me anyways. Big deal.

Thank you for being so considerate. I am feeling better. I know I am an asshole and I had never felt so wannabe in my life until this day. 😐

(contd. Later)