I am a moody button-presser…

by shalinijena

Another day of bandh. Another day at home. Another day of boredom. Sigh.

I guessed I could manage. There were many things to do. Surfing, How I met your mother, 130 GB movies, music, novels etc etc. Oh yes, studies too. So, I took my lappy onto my lap, licked my dry lips and asked momma for a lapdog and lapful of grapes. She ignored my lapdog request, but promised mouthful grapes, and that was really cruel because I was hungry. Why? Had taken my food an hour back. Yea so? Am at home. So obviously I need food! Isn’t it same for every normal jobless person?

 Shit. Don’t I sound pathetically bored? I am!

30 minutes later

So after scribbling the aforesaid, I hopped out of my bed, opened my right hand side cupboard, and there I spotted something. Something which is unescapable to normal eyes. But I wear specs. So, I always ignore them. Ok, I know that was a bad joke. 

There sat my cam…

Nikon L110. Had brought it home with such great excitement. In a month, that poor thing was feeding on dust in that same closet. So, I went out to the garden and started clicking. Don’t I want to slap myself now..

Praying Mantis On Marigold. 
Ants feeding on Plant Sap
Mature Pollen sac  (pink) – my fav 🙂
Mature Pollen sac (magenta)
Pink says I rise
Magenta says I rise
Magenta says I rise (2)
Close Rose
Burn out pink petals
Another yellow grass.
I love the garden, the flowers, the grasses, my little friends leisurely feeding.. And I had been such a stupid to keep my beautiful cam inside that hideous drawer 😦