Hyderabad’s Traffic Is Pollution

by shalinijena

When I first came to Hyderabad, some 8 months back, every Sunday supplement talked about the repugnant traffic in the city. Whenever I talked with people about the twin metropolis, they described it exactly like tourist guides do. Make me feel lucky to be a part of the city. But everything has a ‘but’. And here it was, ‘the traffic’. Dad never allowed me to travel over – 5km ride in my bike because, the ‘traffic’ is not-newcomer-type. I don’t think anyways that he’ll ever allow me into the city independently even if I ever get married here. But that’s a different issue.

So I started travelling more, sometimes alone in the bus (I adore the transport system here) and sometimes in the army jeep, to bit faraway places (that actually are daily routes to college for many of my friends). The traffic was no different from Calcutta-Mumbai roads. I didn’t have to mind the noise, as earphones have supplanted anyways. So I kind of found the city cooperating with me.

the reeking black smoke

 But it was a few months back that I realized that they were right. The city never cooperates.

The ride to my college from home is one of the most envious 5km route in Secunderabad- minimum  turns, no signal posts, clear traffic and available market. But I wasn’t exactly happy and that was when I realised that I hated the traffic. Actually it was not the ‘traffic’ that made me repulsive, it was the sooty exhaust pipe dangling below the big-old vehicles that choked my wind-pipe and made me wonder that people actually live here. Whenever a big-heavy truck or bus rides before me, the black clouds of carbon dioxide propel on my skin and the disgust is painfully nettling. I increase acceleration and am about get out of the claustrophobia when a bike or another truck (!!) ducks in and am held back, suffocating and grossed out. I check headway again and this time, successfully get rid of the strain and heave a sigh of relief. Only to meet another daddy right ahead. 😐The better is the transport system in the city, the worse are the engines of those buses that have been eaten up since independence years and still do not seem to have been replaced. What is the point of having pollution checks and speed cops in every other lane when the big daddies of transport reek of enough smoke to blur our eyesight and choke our lungs to death? Few months back one of my acquaintances was admiring the new system in Ahmedabad highway forwarded by Advani I guess (not so sure). He got rid of the large width dividers running all along the highway and by adjusting the either side lanes by few inches; they made a third middle road. That lane was exclusively for big vehicles. Awesome isn’t it?

I understand Hyderabad pollution has been in the city for a pretty long time and won’t bid good bye because people complain (to which no one listens). And that doesn’t sound happening, since Andhra politics is too busy dividing its territory right now. And I won’t want more strikes and too many hols anyways cos I love college (:D) So may be, different routes for buses or getting sophisticated engines can be small but significant step to ebb pollution and yes, traffic. 😉

PS- the road was clear and the weather so beautiful today. Didn’t feel like posting this. (Wrote it earlier today u see 🙂 ) But then ‘7 khoon maaf’ sucked so much that I had to volley my disgust somewhere. So here I am 😐