Just another lesson…

by shalinijena

It was a weird dream. I was playing see-saw. Huh? Don’t remember how Freud could have interpreted that. But then I suddenly woke up. Adjusted my eyes to the faint morning ray sifting through my red-green curtains and covered my face with the blanket again, just to wake up a few minutes later. This time because mosquitoes know what irritates me the most – the buzz. I checked the All-out, only to find the liquid empty and covered my face, hair and feet all over again. The monster did not leave. And this time I literally woke up (:|).

 It was 5.15 in the morning. I went out to the porch and let the cool breeze touch me, but not the mosquitoes. I saw them all around, but they didn’t bother to attack. Maybe they are not having babies (huh? They are frugivorous i.e. live and feed on plant sap. Need human blood for egg nourishment ONLY). I watched the sun rise and started cerebrating something I rarely care about– the future. What designation will I be carrying in next 10 years? Would I have kids? Does that mean marriage? Shit. Would I be married??!! I wanted to be a single mother. Why am I thinking about marriage? I lay down with the back of my head resting on our swing’s support and it was then I realized that- the mosquitoes were breeding after all.

Irritated, I reverted to my study, only to find my mom awake. Good. I had company. So, we started chatting. Chatting led to philosophical discourse and then eventually heated arguments. Ok. The heat was only from my side. But then it was valid. My mom and dad were the happiest couple I have ever known. And may be, this is the reason why I do not understand complicated relationships. I told her that we cannot expect to spend our life with someone we could not love after a few months. I mean it is obvious, why western culture is far more compatible. That does not mean that they do not understand marriage. It is just that they decide what is right and ‘happy’ for them. Am not generalizing but come on. Isn’t that less complicated?

Now let me tell one important thing about mom before I tell what she answered to this. She is the one of the most pragmatically sensible woman I have ever met or will ever know..

Life is just one. The simpler, the better.


Relationships are not made in a day, What they do not give in western countries is that ‘time’ to their relationship. There were many things that did not and still do not equate between me and your dad. Does that make us an imperfect match? It is time, trust and patience that build’s a successful comprehension and we tend to live with those loopholes.. and may be, tend to like them with time..

That isn’t complicated?

The more you run away from commitments, knottier our life becomes. Trivial frays should not become the pillars of a strong bond, because such relations tend to be vulnerable. So you see.. Life is very small, do not complicate it. Understanding is obvious if both sides take their step for an effort to comprehend.

Life is small. So we need to live life the way we want right?

Exactly. Live your life the way you want. Not by not knowing what you want. Because, you never know..