Girl dot com

by shalinijena

Six years back during the end of my summer holidays, I started surfing extensively. And why do I remember exactly when? Well, that comes later. So, it goes like this that I was having a pretty good time with lots of new and happening stuff (and that was back then ‘chatting’). I googled about puppies, pets, cars (only when guy friends were around), books (a bookworm since childhood) and harry potter (that is another story). I was a daddy’s girl and a non-typical fella and too typical of a tomboy, a hoyden. I rode Hercules, wore baggy cargoes, uncomfortable in skirts and earrings resulted in black boils and white pus on my dorsal earlobe.

But I had pretty long hair and made two ponies (which looked really cute on me) and was no sport freak (actually hated them). Too many brackets I see. Ok, so I wasn’t really a tom-boy was I? I took pride in calling myself one though. That was supposed to be ‘cool’ back then. So, one fine day I was getting bored and thinking about pan cakes when my friend called and talked about girly sites. I snickered and mocked at her for being so stupid. She dropped the topic and we talked about harry potter instead (Don’t give that look. I was a kiddo after all).

So that evening, I sat down surfing again and this time as soon as the google page popped out, I typed ‘everything girls’. And lo. There it was. The site to my new life. I clicked on it, just to realize that it was my best day of that summer. Dressing up my favorite doll, playing the waitress, selecting venue, clothes, tiara, eyebrows and hairstyle for my favorite bride including her skin tone! I played for about 3 hours that evening, minimizing the box each time mom and dad trespassed. I excitedly showed it to my sister though. Admittedly was disinterested. I kept this going for a few more days and that was when I realized that I was never a tomboy. I hated sports, I loved barbies, I was a babbler (hope am still not one), I liked wearing tank-tops over t-shirts, I blushed when people complemented my looks and had few precious crushes and envisaged them singing ‘main hoon na’ for me.

I stopped pretending a tom boy then after and started wearing mini jeans skirts, trendy t-shirts for my cargoes, my apple and dolphin earrings came of their boxes, and loved discussing ‘crush lists’ with friends. But few things do not have to change. Like, I did not get rid of my Hercules until four years after that summer, teased the hell outta my friends, never broke the rule of (no crying in public places. Even if it’s a public of two of your best friends), fought for my favorite place at tuitions and till the end of my school, was never another missy. Just another guy. 😉

P.S- I remember that summer clearly because it was then that I had started wearing glasses. The glasses became a part of me thenceforth 🙂

P.P.S- Just clicked on the site. Hey wasn’t myscene my fav. 😕 :p 😀