Life and bed of roses

by shalinijena

Who said life is not a bed of roses? Look at the petals. They are so bright and full of life, the petals blossoming like roads, birds, trees and life itself. I can sleep, eat, wash, bath, read and travel anytime and anywhere I want. This is my life and ofcourse it is my bid whatever I want to do with it.

And it sucks that I cant and life is definitely not a bed of roses. And after 18 years of life, 15 years of comprehension, 10 years of boring texts, 6 years of hormonal development, 4 years of shift and switch of demeanour and 2 years of struggle, I can sulk and say that this is the most bitterest truth I have to admit after 1 year of heated arguments. That life, is not a bed of roses.

It does not mean that I have complains or regrets. Just that why is it so difficult to survive in this planet alone. We are so damn stereotyped with everything. From food to clothing to men to women to sex to love to books to knowledge. Thoughts are like the black stripes on the tiger’s skin or the leaves in the woods. No two tigers with similar stripes and no two leaves alike. But at the end, they all talk, walk and say ‘how do you do’ the same way. I knew a girl who used to use the word ‘damn’ after every single 10 words of sentence and soon after ‘rotten sham’ became a tagline for every joke, she switched her words and I had to deal with the pain of hearing it, no matter how bad the joke was.

So why this topic? Well, it so happened that I was talking to my friend about life being a simple tour with complications as test and turns. Face or avoid. Solely a self decision. This is when she told me that life infact is not a bed of roses. Only because we ourselves haven’t faced it and avoided every consequence, doesn’t mean everyone does. If it was in our hands, then every matter could have been avoided and life couldn’t have been better, but it is not so. In past years I have had so many arguments that no problem is big and I was right. But the bigger problems can be squeezed only when we face them and set the tunes to the right level. They look ‘nothing’ only when we do not stand the courage to face them. So may be this is the reason why I finaly ceased to take life so easy and admit that we need to face the predicaments. Ofcourse, I have known this since long. But we all need a push and a trigger to recover from the long respite and start moving again. May be this did work for me.

Shit I need to watch ‘Wake up Sid‘ again :/