What makes me ‘un’stable?

by shalinijena

They are fun, full of life, some miserable morons but ditch. I like them. Guys bey.

Someone told me today ‘Say good before bitching’. Doesn’t make me a adage stickler but listen to this. What I love about guys is that they do not complain and do not understand. Ok but that is not a point. Cos I dont understand them either. That doesn’t make me a boy. Does it? :p

Ok. I wrote that A-one PJ to show that I don’t know what good to write about them.

So, interestingly its been a few days that I am observing that guys are super moronic when it comes to relationships. Specially the dumped, ditched and never-had-a-gf ones. What did they say? “I want a stable relationship”

No. Am not bored of them. Its just that I came across this guy a few months back and we started dating. No. I am single. ‘we’ lasted for 22 days (incl 2 weeks of wondering about how to blurt that it wasnt working). Well that makes a different story. But yea. we started going out and he later told me that he wanted to be in a stable relationship. huh? like it will work out if you get a nice pick after a good shuffle. No offence but I was hurt. Did you ever like me? It wasn’t emotional but yes. ditch.

So again a few days after. I talked to this very cute friend (mean it :p) of mine who said that he wants to be committed. So that he is stable. wtf. You pick a pretty girl and you are not even in love with her but you decide commitment. That sucks. Big time! Well no offence again. He has a pretty gf now. But back then it was moronic.

So until recently I had not thought of posting it. why? what happened? Another friend got dumped cos he thinks the girl thinks that she hurts him. U believe that? Dont ask me. So u see he really loves her and I truly wish he is happy again. But then he said something really turn off.

Its too much now.. I can’t bear the other guy in her life. I want to be in a stable relationship.

with who?


shit. abe! anyone?? So retaliation or jealousy can get you a partner who completes the stable duo?

The discussion was long but listen to this. Relationships are like pan balances. Understanding and adaptations are relative terms. One may not comprehend my problem but may find a solution to other. You don’t get equilibrium to 1kg of peas by dropping in a handful, however big your hand might be. Some addition-substraction is required. Stable relationships take time and do not happen because you want them to. It might even turn ugly after a while.

P.S. – Today another similar guy tells me ‘would love to be in a stable- what- why that look?’ lolz :p