which one – is or -not the love?

by shalinijena

The caption doesn’t mean I have an anwer to the question here. It is a doubt. But this time, a more complicated one.

I think like everyone thinks about a lot of things,half of them fake though. Our mind fakes, fools us all the time. Same thing here. The only difference is that I know when it does. That doesn’t help me a lot though because I fool myself in turn. So it goes like this that I did a very bad thing today. I was checking my aunt’s cell for missed calls when I opened the inbox by accident. Was about to press the end-call button when I read my uncle’s name and a romantic message (not a forwarded one). I looked up, assured headroom and pressed the ok button. Scrolled down and read more. They were ‘serious’ love messages. Some were mostly like the ones, some of my flings send. This confounded me. No I didn’t read them all. 1. come on I didn’t wanna act a pathetic crook. 2. I was bored.

I am openly curious about a lot of things. When my 18 year old friend eloped with her beloved, the first question I asked her was if she had sex. The 2nd- Tell me all about it. She found it disgustingly funny because she expected me to cry out or at the least ask her the 5W and 1H. And I could have. But that was unneeded, cos I knew long back that she was just waiting to turn 18 and leave that domicile where she had never been happy. I could ask my guy friends about sexual desires. Sometime it sucks. The asking I mean. Because it kinda arouses them which I really don’t understand. I also tried watching porn once though. It was disgusting. That lead me to thinking if I was a lesbo. But no. If I were, then the oral sex wouldn’t have sucked. Actually, I started with the higher version which kinda turned me off. Could try again but right now- not interested.

So coming back to the reason why I am writing this. Relationships confuse me. The sex+love one. There are people who want sex to be purely love and others who consider sex to be fun and love to be indefinable and inseparable part of life. During the first days of sexual relationship, the couple appear madly in love. With time they get used to both – the sex and the love. They want to agree with their better half’s word most of the time. Dunno about the sex, but the love steps up. But this is not my doubt. My doubt is that, is there a difference between a married and a ‘coupled’ love. Of course people in live in relationships do not message each other about the kamasutra poses. From teenage puppy love or serious ones to the friends for benefits use the same kind of text messages. ‘I love you. Take care.’ ‘luv u n miss u’ ‘I cannot live without you’. And now i get to know that even 4 year old married couples do that! About my parents? They both are uneducated with sms stuff. All I know is that they used to write each other letters in the early days of marriage. And after the telephone became no-big-deal in the border area (my dad’s the army man you see), they talked and tattled every single day (huh  :!). Is the situation any different in a serious relationship. Even my sister talked to her ex lover as if they are gonna die the next day!

Does this mean marriage is not a big deal? Ofcourse security counts. But these days girls earn twice the guys. I do not forget the fact that security also pertains togetherness and a promise. But does it make a difference in love?