The day I forgot her B’day.

by shalinijena

photo courtesy- khushboo!

Vidya- Shalini? Its second period.

Me- yes? so? (opening the chocolate wrapper)

(Vidya gives a sigh, looks at me, looks down and back again)

Vidya- Its my birthday.


Now, not different from many people since humans evolved, I have a thousand friends and unlike all those years back, each one of them with a yellow mark on the calender- the word b’day. My favorite day of the year and so, of all others. So, here comes the sight of my plight.

I have a sucking memory especially when it comes to remembering dates. Ok, I was good at history. (Deduct the 5 marks for dates please)

Ya, what is so special about her b’day?

simple- she remembers mine.


My first day at my degree college was a short form of disaster. What does the word ‘disaster’ bode for at college and that too on the commencement day? hmm. ragging? atti- showing classmates? People U detest around? (count wannabes for me please) unfriendly, rude, boring and ill bred- yokelish batchmates? There is more? I know. But no, none of the above.

I had just stepped into the best room with the best crowd and I knew that. What did I do? No, I did not go up and talk to them, neither did I ask their names? Or did I ? Ok whatever. I spotted a single desk in the left front corner of the room and settled, took my book (which now is my favorite fiction) and riveted all my eyes into it. After a while, I looked back and saw perplexed smiling faces staring at me.

Hey hi.


So, here it goes. I was a jerk. No not a moron. I was alone and it looked like that’s how I wanted to be. Not in a hurry to make friends, taking in the my new home-hyderabad, knowing people, their lifestyle and ‘style’, all kept me too occupied. But After a few days, I was worried I won’t be able to make friends, not because they thought I was certainly not a piece, more cos I thought they would think me not to be one. Did I just say ‘piece’? 😀 😛

Then I met Vidya. A naive, sweetly expressive and for GOD’s sake, some damn listener man! I was the so called ‘mute’ persona of the class and when we met, or say ‘I’ met, jaws didn’t cease for a minute longer. I observed and she observed me back and we knew we were friends already. Yes? Did it flummox people around us? Oh yes, it did. It still does. Now we are inseparables just like sneha-Charishma and maggy-rupinder. We talk about things far behind and above the usuality( atleast thats what we think), oh yes! we talk like crazy girls meeting after donkey’s years! Ambitious and shy is my word on lips to describe her. Are we best buddies? Is she my girl friend soulmate? NO! We are TOTAL diametrical opposites.

If she is a responsible daughter, then m the unruliest one. If she the diligently manicured pupil, me the pathetically reckless one. If she a stickler, then me the rule-decoder. If she a sweetie pie, a loving person, me.. ok, I am cute! :-p

So u see. I forgot her b’day and ofcourse she did not complain (too goody u see :/). Was she pretending ‘ok with it’? NO! She was not!

*sigh* she is different- no weirdly, beautifully and crazily different. Never gives a judgement too fast. When I first met her, I was like, ‘This girl prays for everyone!’ Oh yes! she does… She loves everyone. I rate a little higher in her list ok :p But I love her, not because she understands me, but cos she knows everyone. Oh yes! one person for whom her love is even greater than putting all her list together is her BROTHER! like, “vidya what do u want to have” “chocolate” I raise my eyebrows.

she smiles 😀 Bhai ke liye.

No! tell u what. We had a small party with me, her and her cannon cam. shall I say we had fun? It was the best b’day party ever! 🙂 because sometimes all you need is your loved ones to be at your side and we had each other 🙂