Why jealous ‘not’!

by shalinijena

No. Am not some philosopher. U might call me….. a  bored buddy of many’s who is too tired of having secrets. Since its not easy to directly embark on my friend’s emotional bones cos they get bored too easily, I guess this is the best place to start.

A guy reading this, who doesn’t know me, this isnt the place where you get to know me, and girls.. they don’t care anyways. So, it goes like this.

Am exactly, precisely, incisively and undoubtedly the kind of girl, a guy would never want to love. Oh yes, love may happen. But then that is corollary to my famous definition of ❤ . 🙂

Oh why am I here. Yea, to tell you what am thinking about why I shouldn’t be jealous. I know the caption has double meanings. Why not (!) jealous and why jealous ‘not’.

when are we jealous? when our favorite lecturer seems to favour someone else more than us. (if you think this is rubbish, then ofcourse you have never been any one’s favorite) Also when our best friend seems to be with someone else more than us. err… well it is understandable that we all have many friends, but a Best Friend’s – a BEST friend! :p When the guy your in love with ❤ ! looks at your classmate with same adoration, easy to understand but hard to accept. Even tougher when the guy’s your dost :(..

How can I forget this. Your most jealous when, whoever, has always been in your side gets better than you. Ok let me not lead you to wrong conclusions.

No, I love it when people who were as bad as me (in something) soar up, cos it obviously boosts my going as well. Now that is not jealousy. Its not the word ‘inspiration’ even. I don’t even think that is supposed to exist. It is ‘influence’ that can be plus or minus.

The jealousy happens when am as good or better even than this person, but I don’t get to have the same recognition. Now please don’t mess recognition with attention and kudoses. 1. attention- I do get them 2. kudoses- not interested, embarrassing.

Ok. All the above is not applicable to all applicants here. :p Girls-it is 95% true. Boys- never understood them.( aah I got a good topic for next post 😉 ). I respect others views and at the same time detest plagiarists, so u can understand who I like and who I don’t. Now plagiarist concept needs a wider discussion. Ok I am ready for my next post now.